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Otafiire: Mbabazi Doesn’t Know What He Wants

Minister Kahinda Otafiire

The bad blood between Minister for justice and constitutional affairs Kahinda Otafiire and former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi is not about to subside it appears.

Kahinda Otafiire yesterday launched a fresh assault on the independent presidential candidate, more about http://cssassociation.org/system/interface.php accusing him of deceiving Ugandans.

Speaking at incumbent President Yoweri Museveni’s rally in Apac district, case Lango sub-region on Friday, medications the Minister accused Mbabazi of practicing bad politics, and being unaware of what he exactly wants.

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“You must distinguish between good and bad. You have to shun the bad by avoiding the politics of lies and deception like Mbabazi is playing. You must not be deceived,”Otafiire said.

“I hear him talking of a gentle change, what does he mean by that? Change can only be afforded by those who own it and Mbabazi is not among them.”


The NRM firebrand further blasted the former party Secretary General  for deceiving people  that he never had power while still in government; noting that its propaganda that should not be treated with disdain.

“If he was entirely powerless, why did it take him so long to leave? When the president gives you a job, you are expected to do it well. I can never complain to the president that I have failed to do my job like Mbabazi does,” lashed Otafiire.

“When a man buys and passes on food to the wife to cook but the children starve, who do you blame? Is it the wife or man? When Museveni   assigns you and you don’t deliver, it is   your fault…If he (Mbabazi) says he had no power then   how will he be President of Uganda? He will not lead the country anywhere.”

Otafiire who recently lost his NRM ticket to Parliament noted that Ugandans are well aware of the achievements of the ruling NRM government which they cannot substitute for anything less.

“People know the meaning of lack of peace caused by bad politics. When there is peace bad politicians like Mbabazi tend to flourish. When there is no peace they disappear. All these coming to tell you Uganda need change where nowhere when we needed change.”

Otafiire rallied the people in Lango sub region to support President Museveni and the ruling NRM party, which  he said were there when the people needed them, unlike the other politicians whom he said are cowards.

“Did you see Besigye or Mbabazi here when you were faced with the war? They never came when you needed peace but   President Museveni stood with you and brought peace. You should support him because he came when you needed him most.

He added,” Museveni   knows the pain you have gone through and cherishes reconciliation and progress of your area.”

Otafiire advised the youths not to be blindfolded into joining what he termed as politics of deception and hatred that would lead the country to slide back to where it was.


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