Opposition Wages War against KCCA Evictions

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As Uganda Joined the rest of the world to celebrate the World day against human trafficking at a function held at National theater in Kampala, unhealthy http://cyberstudio.biz/main/modules/mod_search/helper.php today, Moses Binoga, the coordinator of the anti-human trafficking task-force at the Ministry of Internal affairs revealed to the public that the government, in conjunction with civil society organizations is preparing to put in place an independent financial scheme to help out victims of human trafficking who are financially challenged.

“Once this scheme is put place, it will help all those people who are stuck in foreign countries without money for air tickets back home and to rehabilitate the victims,” Binoga noted.

Binoga also advised Ugandans to only look for foreign employment opportunities through registered companies citing that according to research; most of the companies that have mistreated Ugandans abroad are briefcase companies which are not registered.

“In Uganda we have only thirty registered labor export companies and it very rare for these companies to get involved in any fraud because they fear to damage their reputation and their image in the public since all their data is captured in the ministry of Gender and Labor,” said Binoga.

He further assured the public that the government is working hard to strengthen capacity of the Police force to be able to fight human trafficking acts as well as signing agreements with foreign countries to only accept labor from recognized companies.

Paula Chiwangu, a representative from UN Women’s League has revealed that according to the available statistics of 2011, females are the most affected people at 56%.

She further called upon government and civil society organizations to join the struggle so that they create awareness among Ugandans so as to eliminate human trafficking acts on the citizens.

Uganda Prison band leading a procession

Uganda Prison band leading a procession after the function

Moses Binoga addressing journalists after the event

Moses Binoga addressing journalists after the event

Fille Mutoni Clear is one of the new kids on the block that boasts of hits like ‘He Got No Money’, sildenafil http://cyclopeperu.com/wp-includes/embed-template.php ‘Cherry Boo’ and ‘Where Have You Been’ all of which received massive airplay. In an interview with ChimpReports, there http://checkhimout.ca/pep/wp-includes/http.php she opened up about herself, http://ctabuenosaires.org.ar/wp-includes/post-formats.php dating and music.


ChimpLyf: Who is Fille?

Fille: Fille is a jolly gal, reserved and stubborn if I am used to you.


ChimpLyf: What do you do when you are not in the studio?

Fille: I read books and watch movies a lot. I also dance a great deal.
ChimpLyf: What or who is your inspiration?

Fille: My mother inspires me a lot. She is a very strong, loving and hardworking woman.
ChimpLyf: You started singing from church, what made you switch to secular music?

Fille: I still do church Music and I am an ardent Christian. Being in the garage does not definitely make you a car. Besides, I do only inspiring, motivating and love music only.


ChimpLyf: You are currently one of Uganda’s hottest and finest musicians, how does it feel?

Fille: Thanks, that’s a compliment. I did not know that. I feel I have so much to offer and this pushes me to worker harder than ever.
ChimpLyf: Being this beautiful, I am sure several guys hit on you all the time, how do you handle it?

Fille: It is simple. I keep them around and they end up becoming my very good friends.

ChimpLyf: How do you manage negative media reports on your work and private life?

 Fille: My friend and manager, MC Kats has taught me to be tough and take it in then move on.

He told me media will always write or say things about me that I am not comfortable with and that they are not about to stop so I should not mind them.

ChimpLyf: Amidst all this popularity, how do you manage to stay grounded or down to earth?

Fille: I come from a humble background and I was raised to always be down to earth. That’s how I was raised and I am not about to change because I am. Besides, the God in me will always guide me and take the pride away.

ChimpLyf: What is your relationship status and with who?

Fille: All I can say is that I am not single. And about who I am in a relationship with, it is private. I have to keep his name out of media.
ChimpLyf: Let us talk ‘Cherry Boo’, it has received massive airplay. Are there any other new hot stuff coming out soon?

Fille: Yeah, there is definitely new hot stuff out. As a matter of fact, this year’s album is done already. Though two songs were leaked before we could put them out, we are getting ready for our yearly listeners party. Also, more songs are coming out this year.

ChimpLyf: Finally, what message do you leave for the Fillemusic family?

Fille: I love you all my Fillemusic family. When I see you sing along on shows, read your request on radio and TV stations, you keep me going. Without you my fans, I cannot do music.

You should check my social media pages of Fillemusic UG on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube for more new stuff.

ChimpLyf: Reports have shown that you accredited MC Kats, your manager for what you have achieved musically, is it true?

Fille: Yes I have accredited him and will continue doing so because he has really helped and done a good job.
ChimpLyf: About you and Kats dating, what do you have to say about it?

Fille: He is my good friend. I can say he is my best friend.

Opposition Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC) has condemned Kampala Capital City Authority upon evicting ‘bonfied occupants’ and business persons who were operating in the Railway line reserve in Kampala.

UPC party spokesperson, decease http://central-alarm.com/wp-admin/includes/ms.php Okello Lucima told journalists at Uganda House in Kampala that UPC respects the need to preserve infrastructural development but this should be done in a more mindful and considerate manner.

Lucima said the manner in which KCCA carried out its operations is inhuman and inconsiderate of the ordinary people in the country.

“The method of enforcing the bye-laws by KCCA in town is discriminative and doesn’t cut equally across all people status and groups in the country, symptoms ” Lucima said.

He added that if KCCA is evicting residents occupying road reserves, this should be the case for all people, not only evicting the poor people and demolishing their business leaving the rich to enjoy.

“There are very many buildings in town that are built in road reserves but they have never been demolished but why are they now evicting the ordinary citizens?” Lucima wondered.

It is believed that building such as the Mukwano Industries were also built within the Railway line reserve but these have been exempted.

An estimated 60,000 residents were affected by the demolition eviction from Port Bell through Kampala  to Kyengera and  Namanve to pave way for the planned railway service.

However, in a statement, the Authority (Tuesday) called upon the affected population to comply with the developments, noting that this was being conducted on behalf of all Ugandans.

“The exercise to remove the illegal structures in the railway reserve is being conducted by Uganda Railways Corporation, KCCA, UETCL, RVR and the Uganda Police in line with Ugandan Health and Safety Standards,” read the statement in part.

KCCA noted: “The Government of Uganda urges all affected residents to comply with the exercise which is being conducted for the benefit of all Ugandans. A customer service desk has been set up at Uganda Railways Corporation and KCCA to attend to those with any queries.”


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