Opposition to Fight for Age Limit as Parliament Reconvenes

The Leader of the Opposition in Parliament (LOP) Winfred Kiiza says opposition MPs are determined to block any plans by the NRM legislators to table amendments into the Presidential Age Limit law.

Recent reports have revealed that the NRM MPs are hatching plans to have the age limit lifted from the constitution  in favor of President Museveni who is not eligible to stand for president in the next term of elections.

The LOP told the media at Parliament that opposition is set to table new constitutional amendments as Parliament begins the new session as well as blocking any amendments to lift the age limit.

“We have not been talking about this matter of age limit because we know it is in the constitution, dosage our only prayer is that no one tempers with the constitution, order ” Kiiza said.

She called upon all Ugandans to join in this fight by warning their legislators against denying Ugandans a right to have new president leadership.

“The age limit is the only safe valve that we are left with and as we go for constitutional review, we should look at the aspects of bringing back the term limits,” Kiiza noted.

However, early this week, the government Chief Whip, Ruth Nankabirwa dismissed reports of plans by NRM MPs to popularize the removal of age limits from the constitution.

The LOP further noted that the opposition is faced with the task of pushing for constitutional reforms as their top priority once Parliament reconvenes.

“We will be pre-occupied with the issue of tabling constitutional amendments, ensuring that electoral reforms are made early enough before we go for campaigns.”


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