Opposition MPs Planted Bombs at Their Homes as Scare Tactic – Government

Ofwono Opondo
Ofwono Opondo

Reports burgeoned Tuesday morning of more explosives allegedly found at the homes of different opposition members of parliament; but government thinks the MPs are planting the devices themselves to frame government.

The grenades, as some have called them, are being thrown at the houses of the MPs opposed to the amendment of Article 102(b) of the Constitution to remove the presidential age limit.

It is unclear where the explosives are coming from or who is dumping them.

Earlier in the morning, Kyaddondo MP Robert Kyagulanyi said two so far had gone off at his residence in Magere.

He said the bombs exploded and destroyed his property although no one was hurt.

Makindye MP Allan Sewanyana also reported this morning that explosives were thrown at his residence at 1:20am in the morning.

The same was the case last week when Rubaga North MP Moses Kasibante reported that explosives had gone off at his residence in Lungujja. These destroyed his glass windows.

Some of the devices found at Allan Sewanyana's residence this morning

Some of the devices found at Allan Sewanyana’s residence this morning

While police denied knowledge of the source of the explosives, government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo theorized this morning that the devices had been acquired by the opposition MPs as one of their “scare crow tactics.”

He named the explosives as “flash bang grenades,” which he said are harmless and used for training.

“Flash bang grenades at opposition MPs’ residences could be own scare tactics to frame government,” he tweeted.

The (opposition) MPs, he suggested, know they don’t have the numbers and logical arguments to stop Age Limit, hence resorting now to using scarecrow tactics.

“There is no record or history of this NRM government killing political opposition”

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