Opposition Condemn Suspension of Health Worker

Leader of Opposition Winnie Kiiza speaking to press on Friday

There has been mixed reactions to the decision by President Museveni to order the transfer health workers of Nakawuka Health Centre III in Wakiso District accusing them of absenteeism and not executing their duties as required.

Since then the Health facility in Nakawuka has reportedly remained closed with no health workers attending to patients at the facility.

The Leader of Opposition (LOP), prescription Winnie Kizza has on Thursday called upon government to ensure resumption on business at the Health Centre.

“We now understand that the health unit is completely closed without anybody having hopes of getting health services from this unit, we therefore demand for the reopening of this facility because people are suffering and will soon be dying, ” said the opposition head in Parliament.

Kizza observed that president Museveni should have gone with back up staff to take charge of the activities of this health facility in the absence of the staff that he suspended.

It is unfortunate that we are now coming back to the regime of Idi Amin where serious matters we handled during public rallies.

Kizza warned the government government could lose huge sums of money in case these health workers choose to seek legal redress in Courts of law, since the president never followed the laid down procedures while suspending them.

“This isn’t just a matter of suspending these health workers; there are proper legal procedures that must be followed.”

The LOP reiterated that instead of going out for health workers who are equally disappointed and frustrated, the president should first look at how he has run the health subsector in the country.

“We must appreciate the fact that the health workers are working under poor conditions, sometimes they are in hospitals but they have no facilities; we are aware that in majority of our health centers if you are lucky to have the diagnosis done, you will be told to go and get medication outside the hospital.”

“In some health centers, they don’t have equipment to diagnose the type of ailments that the patients have, so why should one expect such medical workers to appear in such a Skelton health facilities.

“These are the issues that the head of state would have got interest to know that the health sector is not as he imagines it to be, I can tell you that our president has lost touch of the real reality of life.”



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