Opinion: Rwabwogo Raises Critical Issues on NRM Internal Democracy

By Boaz Byayesu 

I read Mr. Rwabwogo’s response to Mr. Rwomushana’s heartless, capsule http://comfortzonetoronto.com/wp-admin/includes/ms-deprecated.php reckless and senseless outbursts against the former and his private life including his wife in the online ChimpReports issue of December 29, more about http://cooperativenet.com/wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/products/photocrati_nextgen/modules/nextgen_data/class.ngglegacy_gallerystorage_driver.php 2016 titled Rwabwogo blasts Rwomushana: I don’t belong to the ruling class.

Thus, shop I thought I should seize this moment to call upon all patriotic Ugandans to initiate and shape a constructive conversation and productive debate derived from this personal matter turned a public issue.

Needless to repeat Mr. Rwomushana’s disgusting, immoral and reckless talking that revokes matters of home schooling, a habit not monopolized by only Mr. Rwomushana but shared by many celebrated Ugandan politicians, I would like many forward thinking Ugandans to pay some attention to and pick a leaf from Mr. Rwabwogo’s rebuttal sandwiched with some teachings and revelations about the governing systems visa-vis social struggles.

Mr. Rwabwogo raised some issues of keen interest to progressive thinkers pertaining to the internal weaknesses and failings of the movement government such as chronic corruption, failure of internal democracy, blocking a democratic competition within the movement, and frustrating the new voices with progressive views and fresh ideas opposed to the old order.

“Why were these ideas roundly rejected without even inviting me to CEC to hear them out? I can tell you the reason if you care. It is because I DO NOT belong to the ruling class. These ideas threatened the very values of the class that has governed us for the last 30 years. I couldn’t touch Mr. Kyaligonza without laying naked the ground on which the entire edifice the ruling class sits on! I, therefore had to be stopped from proceeding any further”, Rwabwogo questions.

Odrek further challenges Rwomushana that if he {Rwomushana} were wise, he would instead have known that by continuing to project governance as a family affair, he is narrowing the opportunity of what would otherwise have been a healthy discourse about what ails our country.

“He would have known that by opposing me, he was joining the ruling class and ideologically impoverishing the friendly forces of our generation that seek to prepare a better Uganda than we have been given by the older generation”, Rwabwogo further critiques. Who are those friendly forces, and if any, is Mr. Rwabwogo friendly and loyal to them?

Is Mr. Rwabwogo therefore inviting Mr. Rwomushana to join hands with him in that presumed pro-change team?

If Rwomushana were to be civil and cooperative enough, listen to and team up with Rwabwogo, what would be the merger message of the team for a better Uganda than we have been given by the older generation?

Patriotic and vigilant Ugandans should be eager to hear this out clearly.

Mr. Rwomushana further reveals frankly that even the opposition politicians who are agitating and aspiring to lead the country are also seeking to reward themselves and their cronies once they get to state house because they are being infected with the same disease of corruption and selfishness just as the ruling party.

Fellow Ugandans, I have lately been having intensive headache and mental fatigue thinking about whom else can rescue Uganda again from the selfish greedy politicians of this generation but still to no avail!

Most Ugandans I believe are truly sick and tired of the lies of our ideological bankrupt and theoretical politicians, their special interests, the hidden agendas, the bickering, the personal vendettas, the anger, the bitterness, and the rage, and the promises that never come all aimed at serving self. It is high time we change our mindset as a nation.

Let true selfless patriots cause a serious constructive conversation and a genuine debate for a common cause and common good. It is true Uganda needs an overhaul of corrupt systems, an oversight of new policies, and an accountable leadership of fresh minds and bright ideas, but where are the alternative leaders?

Where are the leading voices free of the syndromes mentioned above? In my view, an alternative leadership must primarily be guided by the spirit of patriotism and nationalism. This is the spirit that helped guide the NRA/Museveni revolution, and that is the only way that can produce and prepare another Museveni of the 70s, 80s, and early 90s. Period!

Today, we only see the scramble for power, wealth, fame, and control over others to manipulate, exploit and monopolize means of production and national resources. And that is, entirely, the African socio-political syndrome. And that is why we should stop crying foul about the ceaseless imperialist campaign aimed at maintaining the manipulation and exploitation status quo.

Therefore, we as a nation should pay less attention to Mr. Rwabwogo’s marriage relationship with President Museveni because I know that’s where the problem is derived, but rather his bright ideas and his frank testimony should act as a good recipe for progressive minds and constructive thinkers other than wasting calories on non-issues. That way, we as Ugandans would shape the peaceful change and transition narrative, be it in the NRM or the opposition forces.

Folks, the era of the gun and coup d’états is gone. The computer era, the tech savvy generation demands communicated information, a shared agenda, and a reasoned debate.

I, actually admire Mr. Rwabwogo because despite his affluent social status and powerful political connections, he still can gather guts to critique the status quo to which he is alleged to belong.

I have been keenly trekking his ideological direction, and his articles associated with sharp critique to the governing authority. An example of those is his recent article in the New Vision of September 5, 2016 titled “Corruption in the Movement: Steps to overpower the enemy.

I equally admire brilliant pieces from some bright members of our Ugandan elite who demonstrate fine intellect like Norbert Mao and Andrew Mwenda. I was cracking while reading Mwenda’s recent article in the Chimpreports titled,  ‘Uganda stuck with Museveni because Opposition is stuck with Besigye.’

That kind of critique provokes the mind to think farther than the common and visible things in politics.

And then Norbert Mao wrote an equally mind-sharpening piece in which he lamented the selfish schemes, the radicalism, the extremism hence the schism and division in the opposition forces that failed their coalition leading to their failure to capture power.

Imagine if Uganda could merge these intellectual forces and amalgamate their efforts to work for a democratically united Uganda!


Fellow countrymen, let us always ignore the negative but pick positive things and build on them. Let us be keen on issues that bring us together and ignore those that divide us.

Let us learn to appreciate any little good contribution from everyone. Let us learn to respect our leaders of any level and/or any status even if we disagree with them. Let us learn from those that are better than us in one way or the other.

Let us sharpen our instincts of patriotism other than those of tribalism.

Let us yearn and learn to be Ugandans and Africans other than cherishing and cheering being the Banyankole, the Baganda, the Bakiga, the Bakonzo, the Acholis, The Langi, the Basoga, the Bagisu etc.

My best friends in schools were not coming from my tribe, and I can confidently say that some of them like the Kampala lawyer Bob Kasango and Engineer Bernard Ochan can attest to this fact. A diverse mind is a good one. Patriotism is the key.

That is the secret behind all developed and powerful countries. The former US president Ronald Reagan once made a famous and historic statement by saying that America is a shining city on the hill not because America is more powerful, mightier or richer than other countries, but it is because Americans walk together and talk together as they equally share the pains of their country together, search and find solutions for those problems together.

What a spirit!

May God bless Uganda as we team up to think together and find solutions together.

Boaz Byayesu lives in Virginia, USA.

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