OPINION: Museveni Rewarded Merit, Performance in New Military Command Reshuffle

Gen David Muhoozi (R) was appointed Chief of Defense Forces

By: Boaz Byayesu

Unlike many questionable and largely critiqued NRA/UPDF reshuffles in the past, viagra 100mg this time the Commander-in-Chief strictly meant merit and performance in the just concluded army reshuffle.

With clear indicators that President Museveni is not only preparing but ready for either succession or continued grip on power, ask his current changes in military leadership that point to that anticipation, ed is also an act worth credit and observation.

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Here is why:

1. His action rhymes with his decades-old slogan of professionalizing the army.

2. This confirms the much suspected and anticipated take-over of the young guys relieving the bush war heroes of the tasks of command and leadership responsibilities.

All in all, this reshuffle was largely credited by many Ugandans with varying and opposing opinions on numerous issues including the army.

For the first time since 1986, the CIC has appointed six high profile top military leaders with the best professional qualifications and qualities of good leadership including character.

These are: Gen. David Muhoozi, the now Chief of defence forces, Lt. Gen. Mbadi, the Deputy Chief of Defence forces, Maj. Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, the senior presidential advisor on special operations, Maj. Gen Musanyufu, the joint Chief of staff, Maj. Gen Richard Karemire, the army spokesman and Col. Henry Matsiko, the Chief political Commissar.

No doubt, these guys are well qualified. These are the typical 21st Century military leaders of a modern professional national force. They are intellectually competent, ethically upright, and very disciplined army generals.

As for Maj. Gen Kainerugaba, the only obvious difference is that he is the center of scrutiny and target of criticism and opposition. Simply because he is the son of the sitting president who has been in power for 30 years.

However, Gen. Muhoozi has handled the pressure of critics and opponents with humbleness, calmness and professionalism. This man is irrefutably a humble and disciplined army officer as well as an enlightened military professional.

Then comes the battle-hardened Maj. Gen Elwelu whom I think is being overly, unfairly attacked. I think that critics and opponents of the government should differentiate politics from military service.

Gen. Elwelu is strictly a soldier, and actually a battlefield commander who understands better the language of the gun but not a politician, and thus the raid on the Omusinga residence was not a cocktail party.

I also somehow share the view that as a well- trained and battle-hardened commander, he should have done some smart strategic planning of the attack and better combat operational tactics hence avoiding massive killings at the royal residence.

However, his onetime shortcomings in a single combat operation shouldn’t have blocked his promotion based on numerous achievements executing military duty and defending the interests of our country with stellar performance.

And by the way, I thought that Mr. Mumbere ought to be a cultural leader or a King of a tribe as opposed to being a rebellious political warrior fighting the government and killing innocent citizens.

Let us face the truth, which sane citizen with no criminal mind would support such a criminal act all that associated nonsense aside?

As a matter of fact, Mumbere is playing all these ugly games because he knows that President Museveni is a very lenient, forgiving and tolerant leader. Can he try this in Congo where he is believed to have support?

The annoying problem with the Ugandan opposition politicians is that they criticize every action of the government with lack of reason and logic as they seek to make political capital out of anything.

That fails to give credence to productive and constructive criticism that calls for correction with checks and balances on the performance of the government.

I, personally, am a critic of the government on issues like ignoring or condoning corruption plus president Museveni’s failure to relinquish power willingly, peacefully and democratically and set a good precedent for Uganda and Africa. This, however, doesn’t necessarily mean to engage in partisan politicking and hogwash criticism with vague reasons that defy reason and logic. It makes no good difference.

Anyway, as we embrace these changes in military leadership of today, we should also recognize and cherish the great historical contribution of the bush war revolutionary combatants and post bush war commanders and military leaders to this day.

These heroes made the history whose fruits we are now witnessing and enjoying so as to forge an equitably appreciated future together.

Therefore, to recognize, appreciate and thank every Ugandan man and woman in combat uniform taking very risky endeavors to liberate, protect and defend our country, let me mention some of the most daring and distinguished army darlings with extraordinary combat and leadership qualities.

These warriors have served our country in the NRA/UPDF patriotically, equitably and incorruptibly.


Gen. Salim Saleh

Gen. David Sejusa

Maj. Gen Matayo Kyaligonza

Lt.Gen. Joram Mugume

Lt.Gen Ivan Koreta

Maj. Gen. Mugisha Muntu

Gen. Wamala Katumba

Late Brig Chefe Ali

Maj. Gen Pecos Kutesa

Brig. Stephen Kashaka

Late Col Patrick Lumumba

Lt. Gen Andrew Guti

Lt. Gen Charles Angina

Late Maj. Gen Julius Oketa

Late Col Sula Semakula


Col. Sserwanga Lwanga

Col. Kizza Besigye

Gen. Kale Kayihura

Late Brig. Noble Mayombo

Col. Shaban Bantariza

Brig. Phenehas katirima. That is to mention but only a few.

It is imperative that we recognize and appreciate the exemplary service and extraordinary contribution of our Ugandan heroes in various capacities and sectors so as to promote great national service by motivating the younger generation to rise to those dreams and similar expectations.

The writer lives in Virginia, United States of America.


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