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OPINION: Is the United States of America Saying No to Economic Globalization?

Donald Trump is America's President elect.

By: Yosam Manafa

The just concluded election has a lot of people wondering how a presidential nominee with no experience in politics, order http://cheapcouriercomparison.com.au/wp-includes/capabilities.php multiple divorces, help http://crewchiefpro.com/wp-content/themes/genesis/lib/functions/markup.php on record for hate rhetoric towards immigrants, sickness Muslims, people of color and women just made it to become the president elect, of the most influential country in the world.

On Tuesday night, together with a couple of friends and a few acquaintances, we had our faces literally glued to the TV screen flipping through news channels and google to be updated with the latest electoral vote results.

The map was getting red and more red as the results came in and it was clear that the Mid and Southern states had voted loud and clear for Donald Trump, who had been expected to lose right from the start.

Looking at the statistics, Donald Trump’s voters, were mostly conservative, White, Male, 45 years and above, evangelical/ born again Christians, with no college degrees, and living in rural America.

Their most important issues included immigration, terrorism and the economy. Foreign policy was the least of their concerns and as a matter of fact only 34% of the people polled to having voted for Trump, included it as important.

These are people disenfranchised due to Economic Globalization. Economic globalization is the increasing integration and interdependence of national, regional and local economies across the world through the multiplication of cross-border movement of goods and services and the factors of production for these goods and services. Today, if you look around in an average American home, you will almost see every continent represented in almost every item.

The living room furniture has fabric imported from Turkey, the buttons on the seats from china and the blanket placed over it from Morocco. The TV from Taiwan, but highly powered and controlled by products designed in the USA but manufactured and assembled in China.

The Kitchen has a mix of Italy, France, India and a fridge from South Korea or Thailand. The clothes average Americans wears are designed by very rich designers in California but mass produced in Bangladesh, Thailand and India and the vehicles they are driving are now assembled in Mexico.

Non-documented immigrants, looking for a better future for their families are willing to take on multiple jobs at minimum wage and willing to risk their health without health insurance. Therefore, jobs that were done by unionized high school graduates have now moved to these immigrants.

The other jobs that would have been taken on by this demographic of Americans have evolved due to technological advancement, requiring reskilling retraining that these middle-aged Americans are either not willing to take on or cannot simply afford.

For these Americans, “Making America Great Again” – and I am personally not sure when America lost its greatness- means everything.

It means bringing back the jobs that moved with the manufacturing industries, so that Americans can afford to have a safety net for their children’s college education and retirement, it means creating a market for their agricultural produce that has been taken away by the corporate commercial farmers and competing cheaper substitutes, and it means a safe and secure country free from terrorism.

This however has been communicated and interpreted as, meaning to “stop-and-frisk” to find who is legally accepted in America, building a wall and deporting all 11.3 Million non-documented immigrants, creating tight controls for Muslims coming to America as well as registering all those legally in America, closing border trade and bringing back the manufacturing Jobs. And like someone said recently, giving America back to the middle class.  And it didn’t matter who was in the oval office to get this done.

However, one wonders if it is possible to be isolated from economic globalization where the ease of access to the factors of production and efficiency determine investment, and how a country that has been at the forefront of promoting and peaching capitalism, a country founded on integration and inclusion, a country known at the forefront for advocacy of human rights and development would achieve this.

How would the United States of America and the “Leader of the Free World” deliver on the promises to its electorate, while promoting the values that it has for long been known to promote and stand for.




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