OPINION: Applying Common Sense to Politics is an Uncommon Sense of Practice and Good Politics

By: Boaz Byayesu

I read Mr. Ofwono Opondo’s article in the Chimpreports of April 11, sickness 2017 addressing Dr. Stella Nyanzi’s dramatic saga, ask and I was provoked to make a comment.

First of all, viagra 100mg I would like to say that I am beginning to admire Ofwono Opondo’s revised approach to political publicity and other matters of politics.

Honestly, the Nyanzi saga should have been handled better and smarter by simply ignoring her which is common sense and simple logic.

First and foremost of all, Dr. Nyanzi is a public nuisance who advertises nudity and utters obnoxious stuff for public consumption for political capital at the cost of social norms, cultural values and human dignity. What kind of an intellectual; what sort of a distinguished professor from a highly credited university? A celebrated high profile social researcher, I hear!

Secondly, having been responsible for a big group of young ladies at some point in my life, and experienced how necessary and burdensome it can be to our beloved sisters and daughters especially the needy, sanitary pads for school girls is an absolute necessity.

However, Dr. Nyanzi is neither the only kind mother nor the only responsible leader in this country. Given the politicization of this issue, it is evidently clear that Dr. Nyanzi is honestly up to something quite different from this issue of sanitary pads for our sisters and daughters of a nation.

Fellow Ugandans, let us be honest with ourselves and the issues that concern us if we are to give value to our national concerns that we hold so dear and lend credence to the cherished common causes we all treasure as a nation.

It is very dangerous and counterproductive to use destructive populist propaganda in order to address our itchy concerns or advance our disturbing national issues. This can be a serious political boomerang against its plotters and crafters.


Again, the Nyanzi saga should have been handled better and smarter by simply ignoring this nudity smith busy at her skillful trade, and as Opondo said, she would have eventually “lost steam” and “fizzled out with time” because she honestly has no reasonable cause for such an alarm and dust.

Opondo further blames it on “some responsible officials or state organs having let down the president and government by acting foolishly overzealous thereby upgrading a would-be non-issue.” Why drag the president’s name in this, Opondo questions and laments? President Museveni was not part of this but his wife, the minister of Education.

And even Hon. Janet Museveni, if I followed the events well, did not deliberately refuse to address the female students’ issue but cited budgetary constraints in her ministry. Assuming that she meanly and deliberately refused to address this policy issue, honestly, this wouldn’t have warranted such scathing vulgar attacks and personalized abusive slurs and slander against the first lady. This is our First lady, for God’s sake. If we can’t give respect to her as a person, we should at least give respect to the office.

“Also that perhaps government officials are slightly out of touch with the inner feelings of those they lead, so sometimes even valid criticisms may be taken to mean an affront on authority hence some of the apparent high-handedness,” Opondo says.

I agree with him to a greater extent. Why? This is because some government officials at various levels have individually continued to act as if they love the president and his leadership more than everybody else in the country. Believe it or not, this questionable love has largely caused most of the problems that the country is facing and the president is responsible for.

What is my evidence for this claim? I, personally, have had issues with some of these masqueraders, the fake Museveni darlings, and the questionable NRM diehards. I have been an innocent victim of truth and honesty for the issues I hold dear to my heart; honestly and innocently raise about my country. The love I have for Uganda and the sincere respect and honest regards I have for this great man and a great leader is a matter of self-conscience.

President Museveni has undoubtedly been such a unique gift to Uganda despite the odds and setbacks. Thus, the sincere appreciation of the president visa-vis the honest slight disagreement I have about his leadership regarding some policy issues and decisions for the future of NRM and the future of Uganda notwithstanding.

To be clear, some of these guys have chosen to associate me with the opposition particularly Dr. Besigye whom I, unfortunately, have never communicated with ever since I came to the United States many years ago. I have neither communicated with any of his agents nor any opposition politician.

I only happen to be known to Dr. Besigye through my good friend named John Mushabe, a former neighbor in Nakasero as he lived with Doctor, a son of late Mzee Bagarukayo who was a supporter of the bush struggle hence a friend of Dr. Besigye. I knew Dr. Besigye as a very good man, very helpful to many people especially students of various origins and walks of life.

This man was a very soft-spoken and uniquely kind man. Politics is a dirty game indeed. And had I communicated with Dr. Besigye or even supported his cause, would it be a crime? Am I not entitled to my political opinion or choice of a leader as a constitutional right?

This cheap politics and populist propaganda by selfish opportunists who masquerade as this and that in order to appease the big man for some goodies is not only bogus but dangerous to the leadership and the country.

This bogus practice should be shunned by the president whom I used to know as a wise man. How can one love the country and its leader so much but labor to destroy the seeds and fruits of his leadership? This is in terms of both humans and other material resources.

I now highly suspect that Mr. Odrek Rwabwogo has created and invited a lot of dramatic enemies in that category for speaking his mind honestly. And if it were not for his status as the first son-in- law, he would obviously have been branded terrible names, hated and sidelined.

Therefore, for your information, Mr. Opondo, many of your colleagues in the government are not only slightly but hugely out of touch with the people they claim to lead.


I would like to say that the strategy or tactic Dr. Besigye is using in this particular Nyanzi case and the methods he has recently chosen to resort to in his pursuits for political power are neither good for the country nor capable of leading him to the gates of state house.

Although I respect Dr. Besigye as a person and I salute him as a very principled politician, I strongly disagree with him on the methods of his resistance and opposition against the government especially the deadly street fronts, the misleading demonstrations resulting in hostilities, deaths and imprisonment of poor Ugandans. Dr. Besigye, Uganda is definitely not Tunisia or Egypt.

You should know this at least by now. So, as a patriotic revolutionary leader with your country at heart, the soul for poor Ugandans, the mind for the suffering street dwellers turned street demonstrators, the forgotten jail residents, the poor city vendors, the day to day survival hustlers, what is your long term goal with this destructive and deadly strategy for them? Dr. Besigye, my friend, better change the strategy. This one has also failed miserably.

A simple, humble and realistic question for you, Afande Besigye, do you think that you are tougher, braver, smarter and more popular than Gen. Mugisha Muntu or Gen. David Tinyefuza in Uganda? If possible, I would advise that you seriously and calmly think about the dialogue we have been hearing and reading about if the rumor about it becomes a reality.

Please, do not give impossible and impeding conditions. That is if you want to cause a historic impact on the nation you have severely suffered for. May God bless you with this wisdom and many more for your benefit and fruitful results for our country.

Boaz Byayesu lives in Virginia, USA.


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