Operation Thunderbolt: Israel Commando Recalls Entebbe Raid

On July 4, viagra dosage http://clothesthatwork.org/wp-content/plugins/the-events-calendar/src/tribe/recurring_event_cleanup.php Uganda will mark 40 years since Israel commandos attacked Entebbe Airport   and rescued over 100 hostages in what is described as one of the most successful and finest raids in the history of human kind.

The anniversary will as well be celebrated with a visit by the Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Uganda and according to the Uganda Tourism Board; it will be used as a way of promoting Ugandan tourism among Jews all over the world.

“It is a tourism potential that can sell Uganda to over 50 million Jews around the world, generic ” said the president of the Uganda Tourism Association Boniface Byamukama.

Chimpreports however managed to have a brief interview with some of the commandos who participated in the raid at Entebbe.

Amir Ofer speaks with pride as he narrates the surprise night operation that the Israel Defence Forces members carried out before evacuating the hostages in the Air France flight from Israel to Paris that had been forced to land at Entebbe by pro-Palestine hijackers.

“We were just called from home to prepare for a ‘difficult’ mission that was coming up in 24 hours, viagra 60mg ” Amir recalls.

“We had to fly for over 4,000 km in a 7-hour journey from Israel to Entebbe, a place we never knew about.”

The Israel Defence Forces commando says they only got little information about the place they were raiding and that was through their intelligence operatives but none of the fighters was well accustomed with the place.

He says they however had to carry out the operation for they were saving their own brothers and sisters who had been held hostage in a foreign country.

“We took off on July 3rd, 1976 and a few minutes to midnight we were at Entebbe. The 4 planes came quietly and on a low level that it was difficult for the control tower officers to realize an enemy had come.”

“In less than 20 minutes, we had reached the terminal and killing 4 terrorists instantly. We then embarked on evacuating the hostages.”

Israel commandos speak to ChimpReports in Kampala

Israel commandos speak to ChimpReports in Kampala

Combat action

Amir says that it was not long that the Ugandan soldiers realized there was an enemy and had to fight back.

“They started firing at us and we retaliated – in return killing some of them as they tried to stop us from evacuating the hostages.”

He however said they had orders while setting from Israel that they should not kill any Ugandan soldiers apart from the hijackers.

“Whoever kept aside was left alone apart from those who fired back at us. We had no intention of killing any Ugandan soldier.”

He however says that among the bullets fired by the Ugandan soldiers was one that killed the operation commander Lt. Col Jonathan Netanyahu.

“We then took his body plus the hostages with us to Nairobi where we refueled from before returning to Israel,” he says of the mission he describes as being successful.

A Blow to Amin

To then President Idi Amin’s son, Jaffery Amin, the success of the raid was the lowest point for his father’s reign.

“My dad was away in Mauritius when he was informed by the ambassador of the raid. He then got a plane and in a short time he had returned to Entebbe,” says the then 10-year old Amin’s son.

He revealed that when his dad arrived at the VIP lounge, the Israel commandos tried to shoot him but the brevity of his bodyguard saved him.

“As he (bodyguard) saw them moving towards the VIP lounge, he shot at one of them before hiding in the toilet. Seeing this, his other colleagues could not dare come to the toilet and concentrated on caring about their injured fighter.”

Describing his dad’s bodyguard as a hero, Jaffery Amin   said that at this time, the President was then driven hurriedly to Entebbe State House.

Intercept the attackers

The then president’s son says his dad had wanted to intercept the attackers whose planes he saw leave the airport but it was too late.

“He said his fighter planes could descend from Gulu to Entebbe and intercept the attackers but feared the worse would come to worst. He said that the moment Israel starts fighting, they can’t stop. He then dropped the idea of intercepting the attackers.”

He says Amin described the raid as a total humiliation and lowest point in his entire reign.

At the end of the mission 20 Ugandan soldiers and 7 hijackers had been killed plus 3 hostages.


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