Only Kampala and Municipalities Don’t Want Age Limit Touched – Magyezi

NRM Media Activists begged Museveni to rul efor life during the independence day celebrations
NRM Media Activists begged Museveni to rule for life during the independence day celebrations. MP Raphael Magyezi says only people in urban areas are opposed to the idea

The author of the Constitutional Amendment Bill proposing removal of age limits from the constitution, Raphael Magyezi has reassured his supporters that President Yoweri Museveni is behind the amendment.

This he said was the reason the president yesterday issued a stern warning against people who have been intimidating supporters of the bill.

The President said during the 55th Independence Day celebrations in Bushenyi that those threatening force and violence against the bill supporters are undemocratic and would be dealt with “in the strongest terms possible.”

“Uganda’s independence and democracy was bought with blood of our patriots. Therefore no body, no body, no body, will be allowed to undermine it,” warned the President.

Speaking to press shortly after the celebrations, Hon Magyezi who represents Igara West in Bushenyi said the timing of the President’s warning was to show where he stands on the matter.

“When the president stands in Bushenyi – the same area where the man proposing to touch it (Article 102) comes from — the wise person should know what he implies,” said the MP, adding, “Stop threatening, stop intimidation; it doesn’t work. This president and this government have fought many battles.”

According to Mr Magyezi, only people in urban areas are opposed to the constitutional amendment, but those on the countryside are entirely behind it.

“You may hear some noise in Kampala and in some municipalities, but on the ground, with the local people from the villages, they are simply saying Raphael go ahead; gikwateko. It is a matter of time; this thing we shall.”

He further explained the thinking behind the amendment; “We must change it because of what the president is talking about—the power of the people to determine their leadership without these necessary restrictions. You can’t tell me I have power to choose who my president or district chairman is, and then say, you must only choose from these. Why? I am confident, as far as Bushenyi is concerns, we shall get it through.”

Magyezi said the MPs from the greater Bushenyi region will be holding a joint consultative meeting and invited those opposed to his bill to come and see what see the amount of support the bill has.


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