Ongwen Is Liable: MPs Tell ICC’s Bensouda

ICC Prosecutor Fetou Bensouda with some of the MPs at Parliament on Friday

Rukungiri district has been dragged to court by its former employee, hospital James Nshabaruhanga, here who claims to have been illegally discharged in 2011.

Through his lawyers of Guma and Company Advocates, malady    Nshabaruhanga is now seeking Shs 406 million shillings compensation from the district, claiming that his dismissal was done without following the right procedures.

Nshabaruhanga was appointed Kabale district service commission secretary, in May 2002 and was fired in 2011.

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He was accused of using his position to solicit a bribe of Shs 50000 from an applicant who was seeking appointment as a primary school teacher.

James says he was arrested and charged with abuse of office, but wasn’t offered an opportunity to defend himself, which is in contravention of the law.

Members of Uganda Parliament have told the International Criminal Court Prosecutor, generic Fetou Bensouda that the former Lord`s Resistance Army deputy commander, stuff Dominic Ongwen is personally responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Selected MPs mainly from northern Uganda, which experienced the two decades of merciless and brutal LRA atrocities, met the ICC chief in a closed door meeting in Parliament on Friday.

Dominic Ongwen is the only Ugandan suspect at The Hague`s based court after surrendering to the United States special military and African Union forces in Central African Republic where LRA militants have been operating when they were flushed out of Uganda by the national army, UPDF.

Many questions have been raised by Ugandans, Civil Society Organizations and others primarily concerning Ongwen`s abduction at the non-consent age of 10 and forcefully conscripted rebel force that shed blood of hundreds of thousands even in the neighboring South Sudan and Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

However MPS including Mike Mukula of Soroti Municipality (NRM), Bernard Atiku of Ayivu County (FDC), Cecilia Ogwal Dokolo Woman MP and others who spoke to the press after the closed door session said they reported to Bensouda that Ongwen was central in committing the atrocities as an adult and should squarely face the charges already pressed against him.

“The heinous crimes committed on human beings by the LRA cannot just be looked at. I personally commanded Arrow boys when the rebels entered East with the same merciless chopping of people with machetes. Ongwen was part and we openly told the Chief Prosecutor that he should face all charges,” MP Mike Mukula said.

Mukula also mentioned the Barlonyo massacre in the then Lira district where the authority estimates over 300 were killed by the LRA.

“I went and saw myself the massacre in Lango and painfully buried over 300 people in a mass grave.  Justice should be served and Ongwen is no exception.” Mukula added.

Meanwhile Hon Benard Atiku said the government should cooperate with ICC to make sure all evidences are tabled at the international court where, Ongwen is already being held.

In December 2003, President Yoweri Museveni referred the LRA situation to the ICC, which opened an investigation into northern Uganda and issued warrants for Ongwen and four other LRA leaders in 2005.

Since that time, three of the suspects including Col. Raska Lukwiya, Brig. Vincent Otti and Brig. Okot Odihambo are believed to have been killed remaining only with the elusive LRA founder and commander, Joseph Kony who is believed to be hiding in CAR.



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