One Year Old Boy Stolen at Birth, Handed Back to Mother

Judith Kyosimire Beingana who is now in hiding is said to have stolen the boy at birth

The battle for a one year old boy which rocked Mbarara town for weeks has finally been put to rest by a DNA test.

The baby was apparently stolen from its now confirmed true mother Phionah Akankwasa, try at St Francis Hospital in Kakoba.

The case, discount which has been before Mbarara Grade One Magistrate’s Court was resolved on Friday after the results of the DNA test came out.

The fake mother Judith Beingana is currently on the run having escaped from police custody during the previous hearing.

In March this year, viagra 100mg the two women stormed Mbarara police claiming the same child.

The case was reported by Phionah who told police that the baby was stolen from the Kakoba Hospital hours after it was born. She said she on her own tracked down the baby and found it with Judith months later.

Phionah Akankwasa was found to be the true mother of the boy

Phionah Akankwasa was found to be the true mother of the boy

At the police station, the two women tabled contradicting proofs of motherhood and police advised them to open the case of parental declaration in court, which was done.

Court summoned them on 18th April but the case was adjourned by the magistrate Achok Moding Abrahams.

On April 20th however, Judith reappeared in court without the baby, claiming that she took him to the village in Kazo, Kiruhura district.

Arrangements were made go get it, but Judith refused to go, compelling the magistrate to order her arrest, and was detained till morning.

On being brought to court the following day, Judith escaped from her guards. Police rushed to her home in Kijungu suburb where they found the baby and handed it to the family protection unit.

Phionah, the baby and the father were taken for the DNA test and the results came out last Friday indicating that they were the true parents of the now one an half year old boy.

Meanwhile police are still hunting for Judith, who was ordered by court to pay the damages and costs.



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