Omusinga Granted Second Bail After Deal With Govt

Mumbere will be flown to his Muyenga home later today

Omusinga of Rwenzururu Kingdom, look Charles Wesley Mumbere has been granted bail for the second time in a month by the Jinja High court.

Earlier in the day during the hearing of his bail application, Mumbere’s lawyers led by Caleb Alaka told the Jinja High court judge Michael Elubu that since the re-arrest of the Rwenzururu king on January 13, no rx 2017, negotiations on how to release him have been ongoing before later reaching a neutral ground.

“In line with Article 126 of the Constitution, we held various discussions between the applicant (Omusinga) and the state. We pray that you accept the conditions as agreed upon by both parties, ” Alaka told the judge.

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He asked court to consider the agreement reached between the state and the Omusinga to have the latter released on bail before presenting a number of sureties.

On Monday afternoon, the judge agreed to grant bail to Omusinga saying he had considered the agreement reached and the desire to have a speedy trial.

“This court has the discretion to grant or deny bail to the applicant despite the agreement between the 2 parties but in a bid to encourage dispute resolution peacefully, I will release him on bail,” Justice Elubu said.

“This is also in line with the efforts to ensure reconciliation by the High court in the country .”

The judge said he was satisfied with the conditions set out in the agreement between the two parties which he said were fair, reasonable and not in prejudice of any party.

Justice Elubu granted Omusinga a non cash bail of shs100 million and the same amount not in cash to each of the 4 sureties.

The judge also ordered that Mumbere be given UPDF royal guards as part of his security detail as enshrined in the Traditional Leaders Act of 2011 on top of police guards.

Mumbere was also asked not to step foot in Kasese, Bundibugyo and Kabarole districts but restricted to only Jinja, Kampala and Wakiso districts.

He was also allowed to have unlimited access to his lawyers and personal doctor and that in case of any other visitors, he should inform the police officers in charge of his security.

“In case he breaches any of these conditions, the state will be at liberty to ask court to cancel the bail,” the judge said.

This was the second time in less than a month, the Rwenzururu king was being granted bail after being re-arrested on January 13 after Jinja High court judge Eva Luswata released him.  He was slapped with fresh charges in relation to the Rwenzori violence.

In November last year, Mumbere was arrested together with over 150 royal guards after his Obuhikira palace in Kasese town was overrun by a joint force of police and the UPDF.

A number of Omusinga’s royal guards were also killed in the raid.

He would later be charged with various offences including murder, terrorism, aggravated robbery and terrorism.


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