Oil Cash Saga: Youth Groups Begin Crusade to Isolate Beneficiaries

Herbert Burora(C) and Norman Tumuhimbise(R) address journalists about the campaign

Youth activists from various organizations have organized a crusade intended to isolate beneficiaries of the Shs 6 billion from the oil cash saga.

The youth activists from Concerned Citizens, visit this National Youth Council, Sauti ya Vijana(voice of the youth),Jobless Brotherhood, NRM Youth League, Western Youth Forum and Uganda Youth Senate on Wednesday morning told journalists they had put aside their political affiliations to fight a common enemy of the nation.

“The people we thought would live to the expectations of many have turned out to be associates of the devil,” Jobless Brotherhood’s   Norman Tumuhimbise said.

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“Many people have on several occasions fought tirelessly for the wellbeing of this country and here a handful of people shared the money that would have been used for other services beneficial to everyone.”

The Jobless Brotherhood coordinator known for dropping piglets in various places including parliament and State House said it was a shame that the government servants had taken such huge sums of money on the expense of Ugandans who are suffering.

Describing the 42 government officials as associates of the devil, Tumuhimbise said there is no way their actions can be justified.

The youth groups announced a series of activists through a campaign named ‘Citizens Campaign Against Corruption’ that would see the beneficiaries of the oil cash bonanza isolated.

“We are a cocktail of youth activists who are asking the public to join us in isolating whoever was involved in that saga,”he said.

According to Herbert Burora , the Chairperson  of the crusade, it is high time the fight against corruption is taken away from mere words to actions by the public .

“You cannot share Shs 6 billion when we have no roads, health facilities, drugs, teachers are paid little. It is unacceptable for a few people to share the little money that would be used to provide these services,” Burora noted.

Ian Gumisiriza, the regional coordinator for Western Youth Forum said it is absurd that money that would have been used  fight hunger in Isingiro and other areas  was shared by a few individuals for their own selfish motives.

“President Museveni recently said government would divert money for roads to help fight hunger but here a few people are sharing part of the money to buy themselves monster vehicles and land.This cannot be tolerated,” Gumisiriza warned.

The youth activists said that on top of isolation of the beneficiaries of the money, they ought to refund it with immediate effect.

“We ask the public not  to allow them in churches, mosques, hotels, restaurants ,bars, markets  and other  public places so they can enjoy the money they looted from their beds,” Gumisiriza said.

The group also revealed that they are going to launch attacks on offices of those officials involved in the oil cash saga in a bid to force them out.


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