Oil Cash Bonanza: Kadaga Writes Protest Note to Museveni

Parliament Speaker, Rebecca Kadaga

As debate on the oil cash bonanza rages on, buy Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has protested to president Museveni over what she termed as “suffocation” of her duties, information pills http://conceive.ca/wp-content/cache/wp-cache-a97c3300813ecffcb4879439b4cdd9b5.php ChimpReports has learnt.

Early this week, http://currencymeter.com/wp-includes/class-wp-image-editor.php Kadaga warned against what she termed as interference in her work, before  ordering the vacation of a ‘stupid order’ issued  by the Deputy Chief Justice Steven Kavuma to stop investigations and inquiry into the infamous Shs 6 billion payout to government officials in the Heritage Oil Capital Gains Tax case in London.

Kadaga would later storm President Yoweri Museveni’s office at State House Entebbe.

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This investigative website has learnt that Kadaga wrote a letter protesting what she described as a continuous suffocation of the work of the August House by some government officials.

In a letter dated January 12, 2017 to President Museveni, Kadaga brings to the attention of the Head of State a number of scenarios she says are intended to frustrate her work.

“Your Excellency, I write to bring to your attention the apparent calculated attempts to suffocate the workings of the legislature,” begins the letter.

“On January 9th 2017, the office of the Clerk to Parliament received a notice for a motion intended to be introduced to the House for an investigation into how 42 people with Shs 6 billion.”

Kadaga, however, says that  before the motion could be introduced to the floor of  August House, Eric Sabiiti, a legal officer with the Electoral Commission had filed a Constitutional petition and received an interim order halting the discussions and investigations into the Shs 6 billion which she believes was intended to gag parliament.

She also argues that it was a planned move for the petition to be heard and determined on the same day by the Deputy Chief Justice Steven Kavuma and resulting into the interim order.

“Your Excellency, if such conduct is permitted of public servants, the achievements of the NRM risk being watered down,” she warned.

Kadaga mentioned achievements of the NRM government including restoration of institutional functionality and public confidence in the rule of law as being at stake if the current situation persists.

The Speaker of Parliament asked President Museveni to address the indiscipline and embarrassing conduct of the cited officers.

“Otherwise, a Pandora’s Box will be opened that not even government can contain to its obvious embarrassment.”

She also called for an investigation into the conduct of Eric Sabiiti, Martin Mwambutsya and Jeffrey Madette, all officers involved in the said petition and subsequent order halting parliament investigation into the Oil cash bonanza.


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