OIL CASH BONANZA: Akol, Muhakinizi Branded Racketeers, Bounty-Hunters

Akol and Muhakanizi have been branded

The Uganda Revenue Authority Commissioner General, website like this Doris Akol and other senior government officials who shared the Shs6bn oil cash bonanza have been described as racketeers, see robbers and bounty hunters.

The Executive Director Uganda Media Center, information pills Ofwono Opondo, Democratic Party President Norbert Mao and former Ethics Minister turned activist, Maria Matembe on Thursday spent the better part of their time during the NBS TV political talk show, the Frontline castigating the already salaried officials who awarded themselves bonuses in hundreds of millions.

According to Opondo it is possible that people in positions like Akol have stepped on many toes and therefore targeted by many but their involvement in the handshake money was direct racketeering.

“It is possible officials like Akol have aggrieved many during their lines of duty but nothing can justify the cash bonanza. It was direct racketeering and whatever you may call it,” Opondo said.

He stressed that Ugandans must make sure Akol and the group return the money to the treasury.

“We must go after these racketeers and make them return all the money they took,” he stressed.

Opondo also alleged that Akol looked for him but they ended up not talking to each other.

Last week on the same show, Opondo and the NRM Secretary General Justine Kasule Lumumba were the first ruling party officials to condemn the bonanza that was approved by different government offices.

Meanwhile Mao said the actions of Akol and the group were exactly the same as that of dreadful bounty hunters who mercilessly crush whatever they find on their way.

“They are bounty hunters who care about nothing. They heartlessly took our money,” he said.

Matembe stated that Akol and the group simply robbed the country and they should be seen by everyone as robbers.


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