Oil Bonanza: Solicitor General Atoke’s Extraordinary Work was Perusing Documents

Solicitor General, Francis Atoke takes oath before facing the committee

As the committee on Commissions, prescription Statutory Authority and State Enterprises (COSASE) continues to investigate the different roles played by beneficiaries of the presidential hand shake, cialis 40mg the Solicitor General, Francis Atoke has revealed that his extraordinary role was to peruse through documents.

The Solicitor General told the committee on Wednesday that had he not participated and his team in the oil arbitration case, the country would have lost the case.

“As a Solicitor General I was the lead council of the Ugandan team, I did research, which we all did as a team; we would convene meetings and discuss the pros and cons,” Atoke said.

Atoke added, “I perused Heritage statement of claim, identifying the issues at hand. I prepared, reviewed and perused through government statements of defense. I prepared grounds for objections of the tribunal to hear the tax disputes.”

“I prepared grounds to support the application for the preliminary objection. I prepared government memorials on jurisdictions, counter claim on jurisdiction, rejoinder.”

“I perused Heritage’s amendments to the arbitration, their memorial on merit and government counter claim on merit.”

“I was involved in document production, the negotiation model type and arbitration meetings and perusing the IMF reports which was a very big issue in the main stage.”

But Katuntu the committee chairman brought to his knowledge that all the roles he outlined were part of his duties as Solicitor General.

“We participated because it was our work and we did extraordinary work because I don’t remember anytime in London that I went to bed before 3:00am trying to do research, ” Atoke responded.

“I did the work beyond the right time the standing orders were for us to do our work within 8 hours but we did this extraordinary work and brought USD434M in government coffers.”

Katuntu however reminded Atoke that he is paid to defend the interest of Ugandans.

The Committee will soon go to London to meet the external lawyers who were paid $10M after officials from the Attorney Generals chambers revealed that they did most of the work.


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