Oil Bonanza: AG Ruhindi Admits he Didn’t Do anything Extraordinary for Hand Shake

AG Fred Ruhindi appearing before COSASE

The Attorney General (AG), advice Fred Ruhindi has Wednesday confessed to the Committee of Parliament on Commissions, site State Authorities and State Enterprise (COSASE) that he did nothing extraordinary over the oil arbitration case that would deserve a hand shake.

The AG was appearing before the committee with a team of officials from his office to reveal their individual roles in the case that saw Uganda win a sum of USD400M in oil tax arrears.

“As a Deputy Attorney General then, I played a big role; whenever the team lead by the AG, Peter Nyombi would be in London, I would remain in Uganda, coordinating their activities, ensuring they are well, appeared before Parliamentary committees seeking for resources to support them in London,” Ruhindi told legislators.

“Explicitly I can’t go beyond that, I cannot for instance recall how many times officers would approach me seeking for a legal opinion on the matter and as a non-core member, I got Sh72M,” Ruhindi noted.

Asked whether there was anything out of his ordinary duties that he did in the case that was outside his expected duties as the Deputy Attorney General, Ruhindi observed that there was nothing extra-ordinary.

“From my own point of view when I was working as the Deputy Attorney General supporting this team, I really don’t think there is anything extra ordinary that I did that I would not otherwise do as the Deputy Attorney General expect that I was part of the team that brought particular result which was appreciated by the head of State,” Ruhindi said.

He added that, “The duties I performed I could ordinarily perform, but the achievement attained was extra-ordinary.”

Ruhindi however noted that he is happy that he supported a winning team adding that according to his understanding the President was not awarding individual achievements but that of the team.



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