Oguttu Attacks “Power-Drunk” Kasule Lumumba

Leader of Opposition Hon Wafula Oguttu has launched a scathing assault to the Ruling National Residence Movement leadership.

Oguttu has just returned from the Bugiri LC5 Chairman by-election,  which his party candidate Bumali Luba lost to ruling NRM’s Hajj Siraje Lyavala with a tiny margin of less than 200 votes.

The Electoral Commission declared Mr Lyavala as the winner having polled 27362 votes [about 47.9%] while Luba managed 27, 197 [47.6%.]

An angry Oguttu had NRM’s new Secretary General Justine Kasule Lumumba Lumumba to blame, for the mess that marred the Election Day.

Oguttu says his candidate won the election but Lumumba’s team, forced the EC to declare the NRM candidate.

Terming Lumumba as “power drunk,” Oguttu vowed to drag the ruling party and the Electoral Commission to courts of law, to answer to the mayhem that they caused, rigging the election, some of which was caught on camera.

“Like it happened to Lumumba’s predecessors, Kibirango, Kategaya, Wapakabulo and Amama Mbabazi, her sad time will certainly come. Then she will return to earth and rejoin us,” stated the Leader of Opposition.

The bad blood between the Justine Lumumba and Wafula Oguttu started pilling months back, when the former successfully a delivered the Busia Bye elections to the ruling NRM party, which had previolsy suffered a string of losses to the opposition.

She was later to be hailed immensely by President Yoweri Museveni for the job well done; much better than her predecessor Hon Amama Mbabazi.

Lumumba later vowed to work tooth and nail to unseat Wafula Oguttu who most likely faces NRM’s Fred Mukisa, in the 2016 battle for the Bukooli County MP seat.

The Leader of Opposition claims, the NRM, connived with the EC and Police lead by Operations Commander Andrew Felix Kaweesi, to arrest opposition polling agents, bribe voters and ballot stuff.

He says most of the unfortunate chaos was recorded on cameras and the opposition is preparing to take legal action.



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