ODONGA OTTO: Muntu Can’t Lead a Village Council

Odonga Otto and Mugisha Muntu have been exchanging bitterly

The Aruu County Member of Parliament, for sale http://chistes-cortos.info/wp-content/plugins/tdo-mini-forms/widgets/tdomf-customfield-widget.php Samuel Odonga Otto has struck again at the Forum for Democratic Change party president, treat http://crememinceur.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/3rd-party/woocommerce.php Gen. Mugisha Muntu, http://ctabuenosaires.org.ar/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-filesystem-base.php daubing him incompetent.

According to Otto, Muntu a retired major general is so weak that cannot even manage the office of the village Local Council secretary.

In what is evolving to become a protracted battle, the two FDC leaders have in the past days been exchanging bitterly over social media.

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“Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu You can’t even be secretary security LCI in your village and I am a four term elected Member of Parliament. You need me more than I need you,” Otto charged on Saturday.

Otto added that in his constituency, the former FDC presidential flag bearer Dr. Besigye got 60 percent compared to Muntu’s area where the NRM candidate President Yoweri Museveni won massively.

“Aruu County voted KB 60%. Tell me about your (Muntu) cell?” He asked.

The legislator also boldly accused Muntu for being part of the alleged NRM’s secret plan to rule Uganda 50 years.

“Muntu you are just part of the 50 year plan,” he concluded.

Otto fired the first shots early this week when he was dropped out of the opposition’s shadow cabinet. He described this as vengeance by Muntu’s government against the staunch supporters of Dr. Besigye who is currently jailed in Luzira.

Listing other key FDC leaders who were missing on the cabinet list such as Secretary General Nandala Mafabi, Kasilo county MP Elijah Okupa, Nabilah Sempala and others, Otto claimed these were left out because they don’t subscribe to Muntu’s “soft” political ideology.

Muntu immediately rebutted saying he left out Otto because he is confused. He also disassociated himself from the allegations of sidelining Besigye’s strong supporters.

Muntu stressed that 80 percent of FDC National Executive Committee members supported Besigye against him in the presidential flag bearer race in 2015 and therefore he can’t afford to sideline all of them.


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