Odinga: Protests Will Continue till Fall of Electoral Commission

Odinga addressing the media in Nairobi

Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga has warned that protests aimed at the reconstitution of the current Electoral Commission (IEBC) will proceed until their objectives are realised.

Police have used teargas to disperse protesters in Nairobi seeking the resignation of the IEBC commissioners.

“Some of our people may have sustained injuries as a result of the live bullets and the teargas that police fired but nobody must give up. We must soldier on. Nothing comes easy and we are under no illusion that change at the IEBC will come easy. But it will come, cialis 40mg ” said Odinga.

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The recent unfolding political events in Kenya have raised fears of possible protracted violence in the country.

Over one thousand people died in the post-200 election violence in Kenya.

Odinga rubbished calls from government to visit Parliament if they want change, ambulance telling authorities that “all sovereign power belongs to the people of Kenya. The people may exercise their sovereign power either directly or through their democratically elected representatives. In the case of removal of IEBC commissioners, search the people have decided to exercise their sovereignty directly.”

President Kenyatta recently warned opposition that even if they demonstrate for a whole year, he will not condone or take part in any “illegal action” against the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

The President said the violent demonstrations staged by a section of the opposition were misplaced because the law to be followed for any changes in the country’s electoral body is clear.

Kenyatta further pointed out that the opposition should not expect him to get involved in any action against the IEBC which does not conform to the procedures laid out in the Constitution.

“You can demonstrate as long as you want but I will not break the law like you. The Constitution is clear and if I push them out they will take me to court and they will be reinstated,” the President said.

He said he does not have any problem if the proper procedure is followed to make changes at the IEBC.


However, in a statement issued Tuesday, Odinga said the IEBC no longer enjoys the confidence of Kenyans across the board.

“They have shown ineptitude in fulfilling the constitutional obligations required of the electoral body to conduct free and fair elections administered in an impartial, neutral, efficient, accurate and accountable manner. The scandals of chickengate are a tip of the iceberg in an institution that is now riddled with corruption and sleaze,” charged Odinga.

“IEBC is now fighting for its survival and not preparing the country for a general election that is transparent and in which every vote will count and to deliver an election result that will ensure that every adult Kenyan Citizen has registered as a voter and will be able to exercise the right to vote on the basis of the free expression of the will of the people and universal suffrage.”

Kenyatta last week said he does not fear change at the electoral commission because it is the Kenyan voter who will decide who becomes President.

“IEBC does not give votes. We will go back to the people and ask for their votes” the President said.

Kenyan will hold general elections in 2017.


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