Obama Excludes Bashir again in Independence Day Message to Sudan

Sudanese President, Omar Al Bashir

The United States outgoing President, price Barrack Obama on Monday excluded President Omar al-Bashir and his entire administration in the Independence Day message to Sudan.

The uncharacteristically 60 words short letter signed by Secretary of State John Kerry on behalf of Obama, only congratulated the “people” of Sudan ignoring the Khartoum regime that is among the three governments still remaining on the U.S list of terrorist sponsors.

“On behalf of President Obama and the American people, I congratulate the people of Sudan on 61 years of independence and send our best wishes for the year ahead,” part of the message released by the Department of State on Monday said.

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“I share your hopes for a Sudan at peace with itself and its neighbors. It is my fervent wish that the coming year brings sustainable peace, reconciliation, and development to Sudan,” the statement concluded.

Sudan was designated as a state sponsor of terrorism on August 12th 1993 by the Bill Clinton administration.

No U.S company is involved in oil exploration and trade in South Sudan since the crude is still transported through Khartoum that also handles payments.

According to the 2013 Department of States’ Overview, “elements of al-Qaeda (AQ)-inspired terrorist groups remained in Sudan.”

The Overview also mentioned the 2013 West Gate Mall attack in Nairobi in which 67 people were killed.

The Kenyan government later named one of the lead gunmen as Abu Baara al Sudani, a Sudanese national allegedly trained by the al-Qaeda.

Washington also still maintains that Khartoum is sponsoring and assisting raising funds for the Palestinian’s Hamas top leaders.

President Bashir administration’s connections with the defeated Uganda’s Lord Resistance Army that is considered by the U.S as a terrorist group, is another thorn in their diplomatic relationship.


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