NWSC’s Dr Mugisha Scoops Prestigious Award in UK

NWSC and its Managing Director Dr Eng Silver Mugisha (C) were on Tuesday evening awarded the Prestigious International Prize of ‘Best Enterprises’ and ‘Best Manager of the Year 2015’ respectively

In yet another manifestation of National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) sterling performance in services provision, the prestigious Europe Business Assembly (EBA) based in Oxford, United Kingdom, on Tuesday evening awarded Uganda water utility with the Prestigious International Prize of ‘Best Enterprises’ and ‘Best Manager of the Year 2015’ Award to the NWSC Managing Director Dr Eng Silver Mugisha.

The Award was received during the International Achievement Forum 2015 that took place on the 21st April 2015 at the Institute of Directors in London, UK.

The Manager of the Year award was in recognition of Dr Eng Silver Mugisha’s “significant input to the success of the Corporation through advancing the best management practice and service for employees and customers.”

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Officials said NWSC was chosen as the Best regional Enterprise in recognition for its “excellent industry reputation, effective strategy and continuing expansion of its services to reach out to more customers.”

The Awards were judged by the prestigious International Socrates Committee – all of whom are leaders in the business, education and science community –basing on the following criteria: company performance and effectiveness, vision and leadership, innovativeness, creativity, professionalism, exceptional managerial skills, business ethics land corporate social responsibility.

Distinguished personalities representing regional businesses from more than 30 countries attended the event.

In an interview with ChimpReports recently, Dr Mugisha expressed his commitment to deal with cost of water by increasing supply thus lowering demand and lessening the role of middlemen who hike the utility’s cost on public taps.

“We want to have as many water sources as possible so that no one takes advantage of distance to cheat people,” said Dr recently.

He pointed out that rationing water is currently being exercised to ensure water for all but that in the long-term, the corporation has embarked on the construction of the huge reservoir in Ggaba aimed at increasing water supply by 50Million litres per day and the Katosi water treatment plant intended to produce about 120 million litres per day by the beginning of 2016.

While daily water supply in Kampala stands at 200 million litres, demand is around 240 million litres thus a deficit of 40 million litres.

“Work on the Ggaba site is underway and we expect completion by 2016,” assured Dr Mugisha.

Having stepped in office one a half years ago, Dr Mugisha said water supply has grown from 23 to 96 towns and annual network expansion from 80km to 13,00km per year.

Pressed to explain the seriousness of NWSC in maintaining good quality of water, Dr Mugisha responded: “We carry out these tests proactively to avoid recontamination of water, given the polluted nature of soils around Kampala where our pipes pass.”

“We maintain a chlorine residual of 0.2-0.5mg/l in the water that will never allow disease causing organisms to survive and yet keep water potable. The vigilance at this time is to rule out any causal factor for typhoid outbreak.”


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