NWSC Selected to Debut Government Accountability Programme

L-R: MoICT Permanent Secretary, Vincent Bagiire, NWSC Managing Director, Dr. Silver Mugisha and GCIC Head, Morrison Rwakakamba at the engagement on Wednesday

The Government Citizen Interaction Centre (GCIC) has rolled out an accountability Program for all government agencies in the country.

The program which is aimed at increasing transparency and accountability of agencies to the citizenry is conducted through online engagements and physical engagements in sessions led in by the GCIC.

Members of the public are allowed a chance to ask questions through GCIC’s online platforms and the questions are answered by the respective officials in real time.

In the first session held on Wednesday March 15th, stomach the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) was selected to make a debut of the program.

According to Vincent Waiswa Bagiire the Permanent Secretary Ministry of ICT and National Guidance, more about NWSC was chosen to kickstart the program because of its effectiveness in service delivery.

Led by NWSC Managing Director Dr. Silver Mugisha, the NWSC team attended to the questions from the public and engagements which were dominated by praises for their “timely responses” in times of need.

In his remarks, Dr. Mugisha lauded the GCIC for the engagements saying that they bring them close to the customers to hear their thoughts on how to better water service delivery since their foot print is very big.

“We’ve moved our footprint from 23 towns 4 years back to now over 176 towns of operation. Such sessions help us know what’s on ground and the way people take our services,” said Dr. Mugisha.

NWSC MD, Dr. Mugisha making a presentation during the engagement session

NWSC MD, Dr. Mugisha making a presentation during the engagement session

Throughout the engagements, notable among the regular questions was one about why customers have to pay for water services.

“Last year, we got a surplus of 60billion which we used to extend water in all parts of the country and the remaining used to pay UMEME (5billion) every month, then pay staff and buy chemicals,” said Dr. Mugisha in response to the question of payment.

“People should be sensitized to freely pay VAT and above all reduce water theft which has become a major problem; besides we are the only people that give a service on credit and provide a service at a very cheap cost of 38 shillings per jerrycan making it affordable.”

Morrison Rwakakamba, the GCIC head noted that “Water is life and Sanitation is dignity. This is why activities of NWSC are central to Citizens.”

He assured the public that going ahead, the program will have other government agencies appear and be held accountable by the citizens who they serve.


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