NWSC: Bugolobi-Nakivubo Waste Treatment Plant to be Completed by April 2017

NWSC officials show Hon. Mary Kitutu around the project site

The National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) has said that the Bugolobi-Nakivubo waste water treatment plant will be completed by April 2017.

The project which is estimated to serve 380000 people will treat 46 million litres of waste per day including the Nakivubo Channel and produce 630Kv of electricity.

The developments were revealed by NWSC officials on Sunday afternoon as the State Minister for the Environment, shop Hon Mary Kitutu toured the project site.The primary purpose of the minister’s visit was to assess progress of the project.

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The project will serve over 380000 people

The project will serve over 380000 people

Hon. Kitutu appreciated the work done and pledged utter support to the corporation towards service delivery acceleration in Uganda.

According to NWSC officials, sickness the project will fuel sustainability of Lake Victoria inner Murchison bay through reduction of pollution entering the lake through Nakivubo channel.



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