Ntare School Suspends 280 Students Over Strike

Students leaving School premises on Monday

Ntare School administration has suspended all Senior Three students on allegations of attacking and vandalizing the headmaster’s residence.

The DPC Mbarara Jaffar Magyezi confirmed that students attacked and smashed the headmaster’s window glasses before crashing the school dormitory and the classes.

He said that police was called at around 10pm to contain the ongoing riot before the administration resolved to send a way all S.3 students who are said to be behind the riot.

ChimpReports understands that the protests were sparked off last week when the school games in Mbarara were suspended.

“Today the school management committee sat and took the decision that S.3 alone should go home as the administration determines their fate most especially on what they destroyed, rx ” Magyezi said.

During the teachers’ search, cheapest a number of sticks were recovered from the dormitories which showed that the strike was a planned move.

Teachers carrying the sticks recovered from Dormitories

Teachers carrying the sticks recovered from Dormitories

DPC Magezi noted that the whole issue of the riot came as a result of the district security committee and members of the sports committee to suspend the school tournament which had turned bloody as students were attacking each other and attacking schools during the matches.

“We almost lost a student so we came in and suspended all the games because they had not involved us as security. We need to sit down as security and create a good ground from where these games can be played without any insurgence, viagra order ” he said.

The School’s Headteacher, Jimmy Turyagyenda said that students suspected that the games will not continue which forced them to storm his home at night.

School administrators and security operatives oversee as students vacate school premises

School administrators and security operatives oversee as students vacate school premises

However Turyagyenda promised students that the tournament will resume tomorrow as his boys are in the semifinals to represent Mbarara district.

“We regret the incident but a few students should not injure others and the school activities are going on well,” said Turyagyenda.


280 students have been suspended while on the same matter in Kabale about 200 students who had escaped for the match were also suspended until further notice.


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