Nsaba Buturo Vows to Block Legalization of Abortion

Former Minister James Nsaba Buturo addressing press at Parliament on Friday

The former State Minister for Ethics and Integrity and Bufumbira East Member of Parliament, about it James Nsaba Buturo has on Friday launched a campaign against “a hatched move by some officials in the Ministry of Health to legalize abortion.”

Buturo , health flanked by other legislators, Robert Ntende of Bunya South, Betty Aol, the Gulu Women MP and Gordon Bafaki of Kazo County today told the media at Parliament they will fight to their last breath to ensure that abortion is not legalized in the country.

Buturo says they have learnt that the Ministry of Health has come up with a document titled; Reducing Maternal morbidity and mortality from unsafe abortion in Uganda; Standards and Guidelines which is facilitated and framed by abortion lobbyists and promoters.

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“In their haste to prevent withdrawal of the funds, local officials as well as civil society organizations are working flat-out to call for legalization of abortion, homosexuality, Genetically Modified Organisms and sex education in schools,” Buturo observed.

“Under our law, both abortion and homosexuality are expressly prohibited yet under pressure from Western governments and organizations, our officials and civil society organizations such as the so-called Centre for Human Rights and Development are seeking to confuse Ugandans into accepting crime in the name of defending what they are term as ‘peoples’ rights.”

Buturo remarked that the framers of the draft ‘Abortion Bill’ which is yet to find its way to Parliament argue that the purpose of the Bill will be to set standards and guidelines on abortion insisting that abortion a la carte is a way of life that Ugandans must embrace.

“To accept abortion is to say that it is alright for Ugandans to become morally wanting and unrestrained in their quest to kill helpless unborn children.”



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