NRM’s Mukula to Sue University Staff Over Defamation

Capt Mike Mukula

The Eastern Uganda National Resistance Movement Party (NRM) Vice Chairperson and the Ex- Health Minister Captain Mike Mukula is contemplating suing the management Soroti University for allegedly defaming him both on social and mainstream media.

In May 2017, pills media reports came out claiming that three former ministers were attempting to grab Soroti University land by hiding behind squatters occupying the land.

The allegations were made by the Soroti University Secretary Ruth Achimo during a news conference held at the Ministry of Education headquarters in Kampala on May 26, visit web 2017.

Achimo named former ministers Jessica Alupo, order Capt. Mike Mukula and Christine Amongin Aporu as well as Soroti LC5 Chairman Mike Egunyu as having colluded with the squatters on the land that Soroti University is claiming ownership.

Ms. Achimo claimed the powerful politicians were putting pressure on her to compensate the squatters.

The University Communications Officer, Juma Hassan Nyene, said that eleven households have refused to accept the offer after being emboldened by the politicians.

However, while speaking to Chimpreports on phone, Capt. Mukula threatened to sue Soroti University for defamation. He went on to term Achimo’s claims as baseless.

Mukula says he does not own any part of the contested Aputon land where both the University and the Community are fighting for ownership.

“I don’t even admire owning a plot in Aputon”, He said, adding on the contrary that, it was his initiative and few other Teso leaders who sweet talked the President to give Teso a public university.

“I can’t fight my own initiative. If those people in the University do not prove to that I own land in the University, I am ready to take the next action of suing them. Let their excitement not drag them into trouble”, Said Mukula.

The government of Uganda, following lobbying by stakeholders from the Teso sub-region, decided in 2012 to establish a public university in Soroti District. The University obtained over 228 hectares from Teso College Aloet a government aided Secondary School.

Construction of the university’s main building began in June 2014 and  in June 2015, the government of Uganda, officially created Soroti University as a public institution, when the then minister of Education, Science and Technology and Sports, Jessica Alupo, introduced a Statutory Instrument followed by a resolution of Parliament to the same effect.


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