NRM’s Lumumba Eulogizes UPC’s Edward Segganyi, Calls for Party Reconciliation

Kasule Lumumba lays a wreath on the remains of UPC's Edward Segganyi

NRM Secretary General, viagra 60mg Justine Kasule Lumumba has Thursday paid tribute to the late Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC) Secretary General, link Edward Segganyi, information pills and called on the party to shun internal bickering and embrace reconciliation.

Speaking to mourners at the party headquarters on Uganda House, Lumumba appreciated the late Segganyi from his contributions towards enhancing dialogue among different political parties.

Lumumba pays Tribute to UPC's Segganyi

Lumumba pays Tribute to UPC’s Segganyi

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“Segganyi has been the most active member of Inter-Party Organization for Dialogue (IPOD) who missed no meeting. His contributions were not to engage in battle but offer calm messages aimed at bringing unity,” she said.

 “There is no single day that Edward employed a word that would provoke anybody and if he could be provoked, you would never see him responding with a strong word.”

Former Presidential candidate Miriam Kalule Obote lays her wreath

Former Presidential candidate Miriam Kalule Obote lays her wreath

Lumumba added, “Now that he has passed on, this is a challenge to all political parties in the country since when you read in the media, even in meetings, you see that all political parties in the country have internal conflicts but this is a man who tried his best to have dialogue within his party but also with other parties.”

The NRM SG advised that in honor of Segganyi, parties should work toward reducing or if possible stopping internal bickering and conflicts.

UPC President Jimmy Akena pays tribute to Segganyi

UPC President Jimmy Akena pays tribute to Segganyi

On the other hand, Lumumba used the platform to call on all Ugandans especially politicians to always go out for medical examination so as to live healthier lives.

“The passing on of Segganyi comes barely two months after the nation has mourned the late Mathias Nsubuga the then Secretary General of DP and then the sitting chair of IPOD. Both have died of ailments which are preventable which should serve as a lesson to all of us politicians.”

“Let’s go and keep checking ourselves in the health units, centers and hospitals that are available and near us. On behalf of NRM and myself, accept our humble contribution of Sh5m to the family towards the burial expenses.”


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