NRM Youth Storm Parliament in Protest of Kadaga’s Rejection of Age Limit Bill

The youthful protesters at Parliament on Thursday

A group of National Resistance Movement (NRM) youths from Makindye Division in Kampala have today stormed the Parliamentary building in protest against yesterday’s unprecedented decision by the Speaker Rebecca Kadaga to throw out the Age Limit Bill.

The constitutional amendment proposed by MP Robert Ssekitoleko sought to eliminate the age limit of judicial officers. It was however seen by many as a precursor to amend article 102 of the Constitution to remove the Presidential Age limit.

The Bill was yesterday blocked and thrown out of Parliament by Speaker Kadaga, visit this http://catrinmacdonnell.co.uk/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/_inc/header.php who expressed fear that it was likely to cause a constitutional crisis.

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Kadaga said, troche http://cdaink.com.br/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/sal/class.json-api-site-jetpack.php “There is no urgency in the Age Limit Bill. If I allow it now it will open opportunity to any member to bring any constitutional amendment.”

The youths however, led by one Mohamed Segendo, the Kibuye Vice Chairman NRM were unhappy with the speaker’s decision.

They angrily told reporters at Parliament that constitutional age limits are not good for countries like Uganda and must all be removed.

The youths said over time, their fellow youths have proven unable to occupy leadership positions and therefore the elderly who still have abilities should not be restrained by the law to provide leadership.

“The youth are full of pride and are unruly; they are the most corrupt and are not accountable. We still need the elderly for guidance,” Sengendo said, citing some of the youthful MPs who have not lived up to their expectations.

“We have therefore decided to come ourselves to petition the Speaker over our demand for removal of term limits,” Segendo said. “We are opposed to the Speaker’s decision to throw out Ssekitoleko age limit bill.”

The large group of protesters wanted to force their way inside the Parliamentary building but were blocked by security.

Only a few of them were allowed inside to present their petition to the speaker while the rest were  held at the National Theatre.


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