Election 2016

NRM Welcomes Bukenya Back Home

Gilbert Bukenya on Friday announced his return to the ruling NRM Party

Former Vice President Gilbert Bukenya has announced that he is rejoining the ruling National Resistance Movement Party, website page http://cyancdesign.com/wp-admin/includes/upgrade.php barely four months after he broke ties with it.

Bukenya also announced today that next year he would be backing his former boss President Yoweri Museveni, who he said in June was a liability to the county and needed to be replaced.

Bukenya launched a new party named Party for National Unity [PNU] through which he subscribed to the now near-defunct opposition coalition The Democratic Alliance [TDA] with the hope to front a joint candidate to overthrow the 30year Museveni regime.

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During the selection process in the TDA, Bukenya sacrificed his presidential ambitions and rallied behind the former Prime Minister Hon Amama Mbabazi.

The coalition however, did not materialize and the joint candidate option was abandoned, letting the two biggest contenders Mbabazi and Col Kizza Besigye run in their respective parties.

Bukenya this morning denounced his connections with the opposition and declared his return to the ruling party.

He also said he would be sticking to retaining his Busiro North Parliamentary seat, adding that by joining the ruling party, he stood a better chance.

He also described President Museveni as the best candidate of all in the forthcoming race.

The former VP however, revealed to the press that President Museveni talked him back into the NRM, having met him on four different occasions.

A number of NRM stalwarts welcomed him back home and wished him well.

Minister in Charge of Presidency Hon Frank Tumwebaze said he was happy to have Bukenya back in the NRM and in a directed message he noted, “Remember our political struggle since 2001; all those who tormented us. I am happy for you my friend!”

The NRM special media assistant Don Wanyama termed his return as “a right call.” He said, “Even Paul who’d killed Christians became Christianity’s biggest promoter.”




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