NRM, UPDF MPs Condemn Besigye’s Defiance, Applaud Police

Police boss Kale Kayihura said police's Kiboko Squad is replacing the inefficient teargas

Members of Parliaments from the National Resistance Movement party and the UPDF have strongly condemned the defiance campaign of the former presidential candidate, discount http://crememinceur.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/json-endpoints/class.wpcom-json-api-list-posts-endpoint.php Dr. Kizza Besigye and blamed it for the alleged police brutality.

The state minister for Internal Affairs Obiga Kania presented a statement on the subsequent brutal police conduct on the floor of Parliament on Thursday.

Mr. Obiga said he regreted the actions of police officers but added that the beating of opposition supporters was triggered by the political leaders who don’t respect laws and orders from security
“I regret the unfortunate beatings last week. We should also be considerate that the officers (police) were incited by a defiant group that failed to understand, http://celebrationhopecenter.org/wp-admin/includes/plugin-install.php ” he stated.

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“Political leaders should also take responsibility for the unfortunate event. They caused it.”

The minister’s stance was reechoed by the UPDF representative in Parliament, http://cfmasv.com/wp-includes/default-constants.php Maj. Gen. Pecos Kutesa who proceeded to defend the police actions.

“The opposition and their followers provoked the police who were carrying out their constitutional duties. The police should not be blamed,” Kutesa said.

The Ajuri County MP, Denis Hamson Obua said the use of batons is universal and the police is mandated to use them at any time deemed fit.

“Universally the police have three weapons they use depending on the situation. When verbal orders and remedies fail the police can use teargas, baton or the gun,” Obua said.

The Katerera County MP, Hatwib Katoto told the house that Besigye’s defiance cannot be handled with kid gloves since it disrupts other peoples’ business and activities.

“The defiant campaign of Besigye cannot just be looked at or massaged. Police has to act to protect the businesses of innocent people that are always disrupted and sometimes destroyed by the defiance
demonstrators and their leaders,” he said.

The state minister for KCCA, Benny Namugwanya concurred with Katoto, stressing that Besigye’s activities should be restricted or totally kept out of the city center.

“Large processions in the city center by defiant group and their supporters are unacceptable and they should be kept out totally.

Besigye should control his people or definitely police gets in,” she said.


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