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NRM ‘Freelance’ Mobilizers Demand Sh 40M Compensation

Dozens of people have arrived at Makindye General Court Martial for the hearing of cases against controversial UPDF General David Sejusa.

These include the detained army officer’s relatives, online pill http://challengemetennis.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/shortlinks.php friends, http://degrisogono.com/wp-includes/date.php supporters and media.

Security remains tight as one of the country’s once most-feared general faces court on a range of undisclosed charges.


It is widely held that Sejusa will be charged with conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline and spreading malicious propaganda.

Before his arrest at his home in Naguru on Sunday, Sejusa had told the media how he was mobilising people across the country to topple President Museveni in a mass revolt.


“Museveni can never accept reforms. It’s a waste of time because dictatorships are never reformed; they are dismantled,” said Sejusa.

“How you wage a struggle – political or otherwise, is informed by the type of threat you face. If you are facing a political struggle, you organise politically,” added the former intelligence organs coordinator.

“If you are facing a dictatorship, you organise a resistance.”

At the court, Chimp Corps say ousted Kampala Mayor Erias Lukwago and Sejusa’s lawyers led by David Mushabe and Michael Mabikke have already arrived.


Sejusa in 2013 fled to exile after leaking his own intelligence dossier seeking an investigation into reports that army officers and government officials opposed to Museveni’s succession plans were targeted for assassination.

Government dismissed Sejusa’s concerns as “alarmist.”

Military police checking journalists and members of the public at Makindye General court Martial on Tuesday (Photo: Kenneth Kazibwe/ChimpReports)

Military police checking journalists and members of the public at Makindye General court Martial on Tuesday (Photo: Kenneth Kazibwe/ChimpReports)

He told NBS in an exclusive interview that a people’s uprising would remove Museveni from power.

“People will rise up and demand for their rights. And they have already started…the people can go to that State House despite Mr Museveni having those guns. Those guns will do nothing. Nothing. Nothing,” said Sejusa as he shook his head vigorously.

Intelligence sources say the remarks angered the military leadership.
National Resistance Movement self-employed mobilizers under their group, price http://chamberhealthcoop.com/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-links-list-table.php Bainerugumya Project yesterday morning stormed the party Secretariat at Kyadondo in Kampala demanding for compensation of over Sh 40M so far spent on President Museveni’s campaigns.

The group of more than 10 people clad in white T-shirts invaded the party headquarters seeking the Secretary General’s audience, recipe who at the moment was out of office.

Bainerugumya Project member, doctor Festo Buba told ChimpReports that the group has existed since the NRA bush war of the 1980s and has campaigned for president Museveni though all the previous elections but has never received any token of appreciation from him.

“The group was formed during the bush war by our forefathers who provided meat, water and any other basic needs to the soldiers, but they died without being appreciated by the president,” Buba narrated.

He says the group has been conducting grassroot campaigning for the president albeit without an appointment letter from the Secretariat.

“We have been using our money without being compensated,” Buba complained. “We are here today to meet the Secretary General to amplify our call to meet the president and seek for financial support.”

He added, “We are a group of over 5000 members who deal in agriculture and other small businesses. “We have so far invested Shs 41 Million in the current campaigns from our savings by printing President Museveni’s T-Shirts, posters, flyers and making campaign announcements.

Buba revealed that Bainerugumya Project operates in the areas of Gomba, Kabulasoke, Mukono and Buikwe.


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