NRM Election Postponement Sad News in Gulu

NRM Electoral Commission boss Dr Tanga Odoi and his deputy John Arimpa who made the unprecedented announcement

The Anti corruption court grade one magistrate Suzanne Okeny has fined former Senior Accounts Assistant in the Ministry of Public service Oloka David who it convicted of embezzling  pension funds totaling to Shs $102108 [about 365million].

Oloka was this afternoon convicted on his own plea of guilt, and http://certoclear.com/wp-content/themes/divi/includes/navigation.php which he has made in court after being read the charges.

He allegedly withdrew the said amount from Cairo International Bank on Kampala Road to be paid to foreign pensioners, pharmacy which he failed to account for.

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Prosecution contends that on 27 January 2009, Oloka went to the Bank’s main branch in Kampala with a letter written by the then Principle accountant Christopher Obey requesting the bank to give drafts or cash payments for foreign pensioners.

It is alleged that he signed and received U$ 87434 which he failed to account for. State further alleges that on 27 May 2009, the same person David Oloka returned to Cairo Bank where he again received U$ 87434 which he failed to account for.

Prior to the sentence, Prosecutor Barbrah Kawuma asked court to sentence the convict to a fine, being a first offender who accepted his crime.

Oloka’s guilty plea followed a plea bargaining agreement between him and the office of the Director of Public Prosecution.

According to prosecution, during the plea bargaining, the accused accepted to refund the $102108 which had been embezzled to the government through account number 003300148000037 in Bank of Uganda and an additional of $8000.

“As a result of proof to the above payment, the DPP’s office was availed with all payment vouchers on which the payments were made” Kawuma submitted before proceeding to present a document containing the Plea Bargaining agreement with a signature of the DPP Michael Chibita, The convict David Oloka and his lawyers.

The defense counsel Nathan Osinde asked court for a lenient sentence because the accused is in his advanced age [62] is the sole bread winner of his family and he is diabetic.

The magistrate hence sentenced the convict to pay a fine Shs of 4.6 million or to serve a one year imprisonment sentence.

Oloka was seen heading to be bank to retrieve the cash.
The postponement of the National Resistance Movement primary elections has been received as sad news in the northern district of Gulu where people were more than ready for the exercise on Monday.

ChimpReports Reporter Dickens H. Okello is currently camped in Gulu to cover the same elections that is prospected to be another litmus test to the internal structures of the ruling party.

On Sunday night the NRM Electoral Commission made the unprecedented announcement of the rescheduling of the much-anticipated Members of Parliament and Local Council Five chairperson elections from Monday to Tuesday without giving any explanations.

The brief announcement was issued by the party`s EC Deputy Chairman, order http://celstec.biz/wp-includes/query.php Kigayagi Arimpe John;”The National Resistance Movement, Electoral Commission announces the postponement of the party primary elections which were slated for tomorrow Monday the 26th of October, 2015 to Tuesday the 27th of October 25th, 2015 throughout the country.”

On Monday morning we reached the Gulu district chairman of NRM elections, Mr. Ovwola Richard at his office in the town which is among the 6 approved by Cabinet to be elevated to city status.

Mr. Ovwola Said the date deferral to them was received as sad news though they remain prepared for the same exercise tomorrow.

“We were ready for everything and waiting only to receive the materials to kick off the elections in the morning,” Mr. Ovwola said at his office.

“My chairman (Tanga Odoi) convincingly called me himself yesterday night and told me that the materials were not ready. The postponing was for the better.” He added.

Gulu did not register any abnormality on Monday as a result of the procrastination of the primary elections and according to Ovwola, most people were reached at night and early morning with the news of rescheduling the event.

“Immediately I got the call from Kampala I reached out on phone and text messages to almost all our structures up to the village level to let them know about the development and avoid eventualities in the morning. I also appeared on all FM radios here in to town with the same message,” Ovwola said


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