Election 2016

NRM Defends Defeated Ministers, Vows to Expel Independents

NRM Secretary General Justine Kasule Lumumba

Amidst the worryingly escalating numbers of unemployed youths in the country, visit this http://cccnt.com.au/wp-content/plugins/the-events-calendar/src/tribe/asset/tribe_select2.php an overwhelming number of job seekers is being reported on online job portals.

A national career report launched by Everjobs.ug, doctor one of the job portals in the country, order indicated that Ugandans are picking more interest online jobs hunt as reveled by the huge number of clients that visit their site on a monthly basis.

This report revealed that the most searched jobs on Ugandan Job Portals are in the sectors of Engineering, Information Technology, Research, Sales and Accountancy.

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Non Governmental organizations took the first position among the top hiring companies in the country followed by Distribution/Logistics, Recruitment agencies and then consulting firms in the fifth position.

In terms of gender, Male job seekers are at 68% outweighing their female counterparts who stand at 32%.

At the launch of the report in Kampala, Everjobs Africa CEO Julian Schulz put this disparity on the fact that by nature, men are more responsible and will always be in position to do any legally accepted job present which is not the case with the ladies.

Schulz added that as a matter of promoting talent and building experience among the fresh graduates, they have entered negotiations with various employers to ensure that they provide a reasonable number of placements for internship students which will periodically be posted online.

“Job seekers should change their way of thinking instead of ‘I need a job- call me’ think about ‘What can I do best?’ since the unemployment rate in Uganda is so alarming especially in this period when recruiters are receiving a very large number of applications. You should make sure that you stand out from the crowd,” advised Schulz.

Andreas Schuely the strategic partnership Manager for Everjobs Ugandan called upon all unemployed Ugandans to not only use social media for leisure but also get access to different professional groups where they can get employment opportunities.
National Resistance Movement [NRM] members who lost in the just concluded parliamentary and LC5 primaries have only two options; concede defeat or file an official complaint with the party Electoral Commission and accept its decision.

Those contemplating to proceed and run as independents in next year’s general elections will have to be expunged from the ruling party.

This was revealed by the NRM Secretary General Hon Justine Kasule Lumumba, visit this http://cqaireland.com/wp-includes/default-widgets.php while addressing press at the party secretariat in Kampala.

The Tuesday elections witnessed gross vote rigging, rx http://coloradofinearts.org/wp-includes/functions.wp-styles.php bribery and violence. Majority of the losers have challenged the results, while others publicized their intentions to run as independents in the general elections.

One of these Osbert Byamukama, who lost in the Ndorwa East MP race, said the NRM was “filled with hate, intrigue, conspiracy, and “some members who think they are more NRM than everyone else.”

Mrs Kasule however, warned that there is precedent and independent candidates would not be tolerated in the ruling party.

“As the Party Secretariat, there are a number of ways we handle our indisciplined members. We can caution, advise, suspend, etc. But our constitution and code of conduct is very clear. If a member decides to run against the decision of his or her constituents, that person ceases to be a member of the NRM,” she said.

The SG however, refused to be drawn into the fracas that was witnessed all around the country before, during and after the election exercise; pledging to make an official statement when the party electoral commission hands her the final report.

Dr Tanga Odoi, the Commission Chairman when confronted with the same question yesterday, directed journalists to Mrs Kasule Lumumba, who she said would address it fully in today’s press conference

“Like I told you, The EC has not handed me that report. Once [Mr. Odoi] does, we shall discuss it as the Secretariat and then take it to the appointing authority, [Chairman Yoweri Museveni,” she said.

After that, she added, the report will be tabled before the Central Executive Committee [CEC] and then National Executive Committee [NEC], after which she will be able to come back to the media with an official comment.

Asked to comment on the fact that a number of well facilitated ministers were voted out in the primaries, Mrs Lumumba termed this as a good sign, that people are able to exercise their will.

“First, you have to know that it is not resources that win elections. If that was the case, then parliament would be filled by the wealthiest Ugandans,” she said.

“Besides, Ministers are paid like members of parliament. If fact they are paid by parliament. They only get a small extra percentage – the Responsibility allowance.”

Meanwhile, at the press conference, Mrs Lumumba announced that the NRM Presidential candidate Yoweri Museveni will be launching his campaigns in Luweero district.

“Luweero most of you know, is where NRM was born. So it’s now a ritual for us that presidential campaigns have to be kick started in the area.”


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