NRM Critics Are Immoral And Corrupt, Says Tumwebaze

Minister Frank Tumwebaze Pats Kampala Erias Lukwago at the Citizens Manifesto Conference at Hotel Africana [Photo by Nixon Segawa/Chimpreports]

Ugandans who deliberately brand the ruling NRM leadership as corrupt are being immoral and corrupt themselves, web Hon Frank Tumwebaze has said.

The Minister in charge of Presidency said Wednesday afternoon that government critics majorly from the opposition, decease upon realizing its commendable steps in the fight against corruption, had resorted to wrongly portraying individual government leaders as corrupt with the aim of tarnishing their political image.

“People are saying NRM people are corrupt including myself here. People don’t become corrupt because you brand them so; because you don’t like them politically,” he stressed.

“That is also another form of corruption. That because I give you hard hitting in political views you must scheme to taint me, such that I lose credibility. That scheming is immoral and is a mode of corruption.”

Tumwebaze was speaking at civil society organized Citizens’ Manifesto Conference held at Hotel Africana in Kampala, where he was accosted with a barrage of accusations of government noncommittal response to the rising corruption tendencies.

Tumwebaze told the conference that the fight against corruption would not come through political sloganeering, but through prescription of real systems that will improve accountability for public resources.

He went on to list efforts that government has put in place to promote public accountability and to hold the culprits accountable.

He stated, “Zero tolerance to corruption no doubt is NRM’s principle. The history of fighting corruption and impunity in NRM is too large to speak about.  When you talk about such things as the 69billion Pension scandal, the fact that these are unearthed, is a testimony that the actors in the fight against corruption have been deliberately empowered to unearth and investigate it. Where credit is due you should give it.”

This however, was dismissed by FDC President Gen Mugisha Muntu, who stressed that government’s seriousness in combating corruption is not mirrored in the big number of arrests published in the media.

“The only way you can tell how a country is well governed is not having so many cases unearthed and brought out in papers. You can only gauge it on successful prosecutions. If 100 cases and 90 are successfully prosecuted, then you know there is good will and serious government,” said Muntu.

The former NRA combatant told the meeting; “When I was in UPDF command, every corrupt person who was below me was arrested. I couldn’t arrest those above me. It was the role of the commander-in-chief who didn’t.”

Minister Tumwebaze however noted that while a lot more has not been realized in the fight against corruption, credit should be given for the achievements.

“You don’t go to a witch doctor to achieve zero tolerance, you work towards that. Its ok you can critique us that we have achieved little,” he said.


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