NRM Advises Mbabazi To Get New Party Card

Mbabazi [L] and his successor Hon Kasule Lumumba

Former Prime Minister Hon Amama Mbabazi has been urged to hurry and register in the ongoing exercise geared toward compiling a new national register for all members of the ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] party.

The exercise which was launched by President Yoweri Museveni at the close of last month that will see all NRM members issued with new party cards; has already been rolled out in the central region.

While speaking on a political talk show in Kampala last Friday, ed more about http://channelingerik.com/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-importer.php the NRM Secretary General Hon Justine Kasule Lumumba advised Mr Mbabazi to rush and register his name if he holds any interest in contesting for any position within the ruling party.

“When time comes to have primaries at whatever level, http://cheesejaguar.com/wp-admin/includes/admin-filters.php guidelines will be read out and nominations will be open to whoever qualifies. Hon Mbabazi, http://cqaireland.com/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-terms-list-table.php whatever post he wants to contest in, it will be open.  I only urge him to go and register, so that we have him in our new register,” she said.

Ironically, the ruling party says it embarked on the new registration exercise after giving up on the old register that the former Secretary General Mbabazi is holding onto, with costs claims of up to Shs 5 billion.

Mbabazi’s daughter, Nina, who reportedly compiled the electronic and hard copy versions of the register, demanded for Shs 5.4bn before releasing it which the NRM refused to pay.

Just recently, Mbabazi punched holes in the ongoing registration exercise saying it was sidelining both the independent MPs and the ‘rebel MPs.’

The SG Lumumba had earlier made it clear that these two groups would be issued with the party cards.

Mbabazi said no one owns the NRM party apart from its members, adding that no one can be forced out unwillingly.

“That is a misunderstanding of the law because according to the NRM constitution, once you have become a member, you will remain one for the entire life time unless there is dismissal which must follow certain procedures,” he said on Tuesday.

“Unless the party through a court procedure dismisses you, no member can be forced out of the NRM party. In fact there are grounds in the constitution through which you can be forced out of the party,” added Mbabazi.

We are not afraid of you

Meanwhile, Mrs Lumbumba, revealed during the show, that the party was aware of Mbabazi’s moves and keenly monitoring his ambitions but without fear.

Mbabazi is hinted to contest for the party’s leadership against incumbent President Yoweri Museveni later this year.

Lumumba further said the public attention that Mbabazi is currently enjoying is also not by surprise.

“We don’t expect him to disappear in a second (after being dropped as the NRM Secretary General and Prime Minister). But when he sneezes, we don’t catch a cold; we only notice his presence,” she said.

She added, “There’s nothing he’s making us panic about. We have survived the tsunami and the hammers which were outside the NRM. Luckily for us, he is still with us in the NRM. He is our member and he’s giving us more publicity.”

Lumumba went ahead to take a swipe at a Pro – Mbabazi NRM youth pressure group named the NRM Poor Youths, saying these were only but pretenders.

“It is very sad that some people have started celebrating their misery and the misery of others because not all who call themselves poor youths are actually poor.

We have seen some of them driving expensive vehicles with personalized number plates.  You can’t even tell how they are raising all that money.”






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