Nothing Wrong With Searching Winnie Byanyima’s Bags – Police

(Left) the police officer who blocked Winnie Byanyima from accessing her house

Police are unapologetic about the Friday evening incident where Mrs Winnie Byanyima, the wife of Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) presidential candidate Col Dr Kizza Besigye, was held for several minutes outside her house and denied access.

The Executive Director Oxfam International found a police barricade at her Kasangati house, and police officers demanded to search her bags before being allowed in.

The Kasangati house is once again under police siege on orders of the IGP Gen Kale Kayihura, to prevent Dr Besigye from leading protests and other activities related to the banned “defiance campaign.”

The police deputy spokesperson Polly Namaye told us the police force did not regret yesterday’s incident.

She said there was nothing wrong with searching someone even if it’s the owner of a place they are guarding.

Namaye explained on phone, “You are aware that there was a police activity at that house, and our guidelines were that whoever enters must be checked.”

“(Winnie Byanyima) might be the woman of the house, but we are also aware that she has not been living in this house, so the least we could do was to ask that we screen her before being allowed in.”

Byanyima while being blocked outside her house, took to social media and posted pictures of the police officers, with angry remarks, “Can’t believe this, I am being denied entry into my home! Unbelievable!”

“Here is the arrogant security man telling me I won’t enter my home unless I open my bags to be checked!,” she tweeted.

Byanyima added that being asked to open her bags to be checked was most humiliating.


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