Northern MPs: We’ll Quit if Mbabazi Joins Opposition Allance

Amama Mbabazi has lashed at Kadaga as the road to the 2016 polls heats up

Top government officials have stepped up their attacks on Amama Mbabazi, cheapest http://cstaab.com/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/i18n/locale-info.php with State Sports Minister Charles Bakkabulindi saying the presidential hopeful “is not the best substitute for President Museveni.”

Bakkabulindi made the remarks on Monday while officiating at First Lady Janet Museveni’s Kabale Women Football Tournament at the district’s municipal stadium.

He urged the gathering to avoid being “misguided by Mbabazi and his group and forget where President Museveni has brought this country from.”

Over the weekend, http://crosscon.ca/wp-admin/includes/admin.php Ministers David Bahati and Muruli Mukasa punched holes in Mbabazi’s narrative that he intends to breathe new life into Uganda’s governance systems, http://dan.rabarts.com/wp-admin/includes/class-ftp-pure.php saying what he failed to achieve in his 30 years in government cannot be realised during his short-lived presidency.

Bakkabulindi warned the people of Kabale against being used by politicians for selfish again.

“I would like to ask you not to be misguided by these selfless individuals and forget where we came from as we are getting excited on small issues.  President Museveni is still strong,” said Bakkabulindi.

“As NRM members, we know that President Museveni is our sole candidate as agreed in Kyankwanzi early last year during the NRM caucus meeting. All the NRM members signed to have president Museveni as the sole candidate in the 2016 elections. So we will not allow anyone that will try to bring confusion in the party,” he added.

Kabale Woman MP, Rita Rhona Ninsiima said, “Ugandans need not to forget that the peace we are enjoying today was not got on silver platter but through bloodshed. So they should try hard to consolidate it.”

Mbabazi recently declared his intention to stand for president, a move many NRM historicals perceived as betrayal.

He described Uganda as a “tired” nation that needs invigoration.
A group of Members of Parliament from Northern Uganda has vowed to abandon their political parties if the former Prime Minister, cheap http://csol.pt/components/com_k2/templates/default/latest_item.php Amama Mbabazi is to be welcomed into the opposition alliance.

MPs including Bernard Atiku of Ayivu County and Gilbert Oulanya of Kilak County said they are not ready to facilitate Mbabazi to achieve his own selfish interests.

They further stated that Mbabazi must first account for the alleged Shs 1.4bn that was diverted from Peace, purchase http://colourtherapy.com.au/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/class-wc-shipping.php Recovery and Development Program (PRDP) during his reign as Prime Minister.

According to the lawmakers, look http://demamore.com/wp-content/plugins/theme-my-login/templates/register-form.php the staggering amount meant to cater for the plight of northerners was instead used to buy a 5000cc Mercedes Benz for Mbabazi at Shs 600m and another Shs 800m was used for another bullet proof V8 Land Cruiser car.

They say Mbabazi should first take responsibility before joining the opposition or they will quit the alliance.

“I’m yet to see anyone associating with this guy (Mbabazi) from the North. I have been on record that the moment my party Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) associates with Hon Mbabazi I am out!” MP Atiku said in a brief statement seen by ChimpReports on Tuesday.

He stressed that the PRDP funds was the sole effort of the leaders from northern Uganda to help the region that had suffered decades of insurgency but unfortunately Mbabazi who was supposed to protect the money decided to misuse it.

“He chose to use PRDP money of all resources to purchase luxury cars. PRDP was a framework crafted by leaders from the Greater Northern Region to source and provide resources for the war affected people to catch up with the rest of the country,” he argued.

“Hon Mbabazi who had just been appointed as the political head should have shunned the use of money (1.4bn) meant for the Peace Recovery and Development Program (PRDP). He had no remorse for people who had suffered and enjoyed the ride in these luxury cars on Kampala roads and at no time in his tenure of office even used these cars to reach the program area,” Atiku added.

Meanwhile, Oulanya stated that Mbabazi should not dare step in the region without clearing his name.

“Amama dipped his fingers into our PRDP funds and evidence was presented in the Parliament. Now as a northerner who suffered at the hands of Mbabazi, we shall ask him to refund the Shs 1.4 bn before stepping in the north for his campaigns,” Oulanya added.

“This is the best time of asking Amama to return our money. Note that donor funds were coming directly to the PM office not President’s office.”

The same MPs and their colleagues led by the Aruu county member, Odonga Otto on Monday held a meeting in Gulu town where they resolved to organize one million people to match to Karuma falls to block Mbabazi who is scheduled to make consultations in the greater north.


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