North Korea Attacks US, Over Kampala Ties

North Korean President, Kim Jong-un

The North Korean government on the weekend directed more pointed words at the United States, pilule and its “foolish move” to block economic exchange and cooperation between Pyongyang and African countries.

A North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesperson Cho June-hyuck while responding to a question raised by Korea Central News Agency lambasted what he called “clumsy tricks by the U.S. to tarnish the image of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) in Africa.

The outburst followed the recent suspension of military ties, between Uganda and North Korean which was preceded by the South Korean President HE Park Geun-hye to Kampala.

The North Korean Ministry explained over the weekend, that the ties with Kampala were bound to come to an end because they were contractual.

He was unhappy however, that Washington tried to twist this development to imply that Uganda ended its ties with North Korean because of pressure from the US.

“DPRK’s cooperation with Uganda started at the request of the Ugandan government long ago and has given substantial help to the country,” said Cho June-hyuck.

“As a relevant contract has expired, the personnel of the DPRK are now withdrawing themselves from the country according to an agreement between the two countries.”

“Nevertheless, the U.S. is giving an impression that Uganda has ceased its cooperation with the DPRK under the pressure of the former. This is indeed ridiculous.”

The DPRK’s foreign ministry spokesmen was speaking in response to comments made by an assistant secretary of the U.S. Department of State during a recent visits to some African countries, that “the nuclear threat from North Korea is not far away and “the period that a nuclear weapon may be used again has come after the lapse of 70 years because of north Korea.”

“Moreover, he reportedly claimed that African countries should break off all their relations with the DPRK if they are to evade the “nuclear threat,” charged the mouthpiece.

“As known to the world, the U.S. is the world’s first country that made a nuclear weapon, the only user of it and the very one hell-bent on committing high-handed and arbitrary practices through nuclear threat and blackmail.  Such a country, masking its criminal colors, has gone so impudent as to groundlessly assert that the DPRK is posing “nuclear threat” to far-off Africa.”

“The DPRK’s nuclear weapons are targeting not African countries but the U.S. persisting in its hostile policy toward the DPRK and serve as a treasured sword of justice to blow up the U.S., the den of all evils in the world.”

“It is no more than a clumsy trick that the U.S. seeks to tarnish the image of the DPRK and sow discord between the DPRK and African countries through all sorts of paradoxes and estrangement moves. The traditions of friendship and cooperation between the DPRK and African countries are long-standing and historical ones that were forged and have developed since the early period of the struggle for independence and the building of new society in those countries.”

He added, “The U.S. act of openly instigating African countries to sever relations with the DPRK is bound to go belly-up under strong denunciation of the countries in the region as it is a blatant interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states standing for independence. The government of the DPRK will as ever invariably boost its traditional friendly and cooperative relations with African countries in the idea of its foreign policy–independence, peace and friendship.”


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