NITA Uganda Launches eCitizen Portal

James Saaka, Executive Director, NITA Uganda

Firebrand Ugandan Ambassador to Burundi, viagra sale Maj Gen Matayo Kyaligonza stopped short of punching the Minister for Public Service Henry Kajura in the violent Hoima Municipality elections on Tuesday.

Chimp Corps believe the violence in Hoima town could have been the worst in the region, more about with military police fighting with belligerent youth on the streets.

Car windscreens were shattered as a hailstorm of stones and bullets shook the municipality in which the powerful Kajura is fighting for his political life in the heated contest with former Makerere Economics don Lawrence Bategeka.

It all started with Hoima DPC only identified as Akankwatsa being accused of tampering with ballot papers to favour Kajura.

Supporters of Bategeka stormed the police station, stomach demanding Akankwatsa to stop the election with the view of avoiding possible malpractices.

This was flatly rejected by Kajura who, as the District NRM boss, ordered that elections must take place.

Kajura acts

On hearing Kajura’s orders, Kyaligonza stormed the police station, instructing that the polls be cancelled.

Kyaligonza, who led the notorious Black Bombers that carried out assassination missions with bombs in Kampala during the NRA guerrilla war, further directed that polling materials should be immediately returned to Kampala.

He also called a meeting of security officials during which he condemned the attempted rigging of the election.

It was at that time that Kajura stormed the meeting before hurling insults at Kyaligonza.

“You are chairing chair this meeting as who here?” charged Kajura.

Kyaligonza sprung from his chair before charging at the minister: “Who are you? This election you wanted to rig will not take place.”

Police quickly intervened; creating space between the enraged NRM bosses.

Street chaos

This would begin a deadly street battle.

Kyaligonza left the meeting before joining Bategeka’s convoy amid cheers from hundreds of supporters celebrating Kajura’s humiliation.

Interestingly, Kajura’s stick-wielding supporters regrouped near Barclays Bank Hoima branch, intercepting Bategeka’s convoy accompanying the latter and Kyaligonza to Glory Summit Hotel.

In the ensuing chaos, Kajura’s five supporters were injured while property worth millions of shillings was destroyed.

At least 4 vehicles in Kajura’s convoy were smashed with stones.

In revenge, the Kajura group went to Glory Summit Hotel before burning down Bategeka’s car.

Police and military are currently in running battles with violent youth.

Bategeka owns the famous Glory Summit Hotel and Mandela Secondary School while Kajura is the proprietor of Muganwa Centre that houses many offices including that of Tullow Oil.

The army has since beefed up deployment to protect key installations in the town as rival candidates’ supporters seethe with revenge.

At a press conference today, NRM officials announced the postponement of Hoima Municipality elections.
NITA-Uganda has Tuesday launched the eCitizen portal, more about a one-stop online centre for Government online services.

The main objective of the digital platform is to enhance Government service delivery to citizens, non-citizens, businesses, Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs).

According to National Information Technology Authority (NITA) Uganda, the portal has been designed to aggregate all Government services which are offered online and present them on a single portal.

The portal allows one to access services such as eTax, business registration, trading license registration and social security statements among others.

Speaking at the launch, James Saaka, the Executive Director, NITA-U said, “The portal is intended to reduce time and costs to citizens in accessing Government services and to increase efficiency in the provision of public service to citizens.”

He urged the general public to make use of the online resource to interact and engage with Government in a democratic and mutually beneficial manner.

He divulged that in future, the portal will enable citizens to apply for government services and monitor progress of their applications online with ease.

The eCitizen Portal is one of the initiatives that is in alignment to NITA-U’s goals to provide rationalized and integrated national Information Technology (IT) infrastructure; achieve transaction level e-government services and provide a well regulated Information Technology (IT) environment in public and private sector.


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