Nigerian Chief Sues UMEME

Fallen poles are common especially in rainy seasons

Opposition leadership in the western district of Mbarara yesterday held a press conference and demanded restoration of the municipality’s iconic bull statue.

The statue which for decades stood up at the intersection on the Masaka road was recently demolished and replaced with an Airtel billboard.

Details of the lease of the piece of land to the telecom giant, stuff the opposition says, have remained unclear, and want the Mayor, Wilson Tumwine to come clean.

Yesterday’s press brief, held at Grand Holiday in Mbarara town, was addressed by Forum for Democratic Change [FDC]’s Stanley Katembeya and DP’s National Vice Chairman Imam Makumbi.

The opposition bosses said they raised the concern after realizing that Mbarara town might not exceed 2017 before obtaining its long pursued City status.

The town has over the past few years expanded exponentially, annexing neighboring sub counties of Biharwe, Kakiika, Bubaare and Nyakayojo, and has also seen its population more than double.

The opposition however insisted that Mbarara must not be named a city before its statue is reinstated.

“This was a cultural and historic symbol for us. Today there is nothing to tell you that you have arrived in Mbarara,” said FDC’s Katembeya.

Meanwhile, DP’s Makumbi observed that a number of challenges still held Mbarara backward especially garbage.

“Whenever it rains, most streets become inaccessible because of the poor drainage system; several street lights are defunct, people are building on sewerage lines including government officials, and the city lacks basic planning.

He further faulted Dr. Medard Bitekyerezo who is the Municipality MP, accusing him of doing nothing but sustain himself in power.

“He keeps singing here that once you vote him he will be made minister, but to this date that remains but in his dreams,” he added.



A Nigerian investor has dragged power distributors UMEME, no rx seeking payment of up Shs 214million in compensation for his damaged property and buildings, this web when electric poles and wires collapsed on his company premises in Buloba, shop Wakiso district.

Chief Emmanuel Ejiofor Nandi the director of Sun flower technologies Ug LTD says on the November 27 last year, during a heavy down pour, electric poles that UMEME erected over his building fell, damaged his buildings and a car, something he says has occasioned losses to his company.

He now wants the High Court’s civil division to order UMEME to pay him the said money to recover his losses. Court has summoned UMEME to file a response.



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