Nigeria Fine: MTN Cautions Shareholders on Company Securities

The European Union Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) has urged the Electoral Commission to publish “without delay” the detailed results from each polling station for the presidential and parliamentary elections online, cure including scanned copies of the Declaration of Results Forms.

The mission said this would enable voters, viagra 40mg as well as the candidates, to “comprehensively evaluate the election results.”

ChimpReports understands the results of polling stations across the country have since been published on the Electoral Commission website – ( ).

But the scanned copies of the declaration forms for each polling station are yet to be posted on the Commission’s website.

“The Electoral Commission’s accountability is very important in the post-electoral environment,” stressed the EU EOM Chief Observer, Mr Eduard Kukan in a statement on Thursday.

In a previous statement, the EU stopped short of describing the Uganda electoral process as not free and fair.

Kukan said the publication of inclusive information on election results constitutes international best practice in the conduct of democratic elections and that pro-active publication of information of public interest is enshrined in international standards to which Uganda has committed itself with the aim of respecting citizens’ fundamental freedoms and rights.

“The EU EOM will continue to observe the post-electoral environment. The electoral process is completed only when all candidates have rightfully exercised the relevant legal avenues without fear, intimidation or other undue restrictions,” said Mr. Kukan.

The law provides ten days to challenge the outcome of the presidential elections after the announcement of results.

Opposition candidate Dr Kizza Besigye is yet to rule out the possibility of taking his grievances to the Supreme Court.

He disputes the outcome of the election which he says was “fraudulent.”

The EU said the restrictions on freedom of movement of the FDC leadership in Kampala, as well as the arrests of local candidates and party agents in Mbarara, occurred while the party is still collecting documents, including the declaration of result forms, from its agents in the field.

“The EU EOM encourages all stakeholders, including the police, to adhere to the rule of law and to show equal respect for each and every citizen’s fundamental freedoms.”

In addition to the 10 core team election analysts, EU team said 30 long term observers “remain deployed across the country and continue to observe electoral developments.”
As the world prepares to mark the International Wildlife Day come March 3 in the Netherlands, story Uganda has organized a marathon geared to raise awareness about the vice of poaching.
This year’s theme is; ‘Save Wildlife, Act Now or Game Over’.

Tourism is Uganda remains the second earner of foreign exchange after remittances from the Diaspora but the sector continues to grapple with poachers who kill wild animals majorly for food.

The Minister of Tourism Wildlife and Antiquities, Hon. Maria Mutagamba told journalists on Thursday that it is essential to preserve the flora and fauna that constitute wildlife.

“We are witnessing decline of species of flora and fauna. It’s important to for the public to partner with us in sensitizing that poaching is a crime. It’s unfortunate that many restaurants are serving bush meet.”

Mutagamba indicated that some species especially lions and impalas and antelopes are facing extinction, which in turns affects Uganda’s economy. The population of lions has currently reduced down to 400.

“Poachers don’t know that when you kill an antelope which serves as food for the lions, you are indirectly reducing the population of lions. Some of these animals have a very long life.”

The communities around the game reserves are poor and resort to poaching. Many restaurants are serving bush meat but we need to sensitize them against it.

The anti-poaching marathon will have categories of 5km, 10km and 20km and those interested in participating will register at a fee of Ugshs10,000. Registration will take place at Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) offices, Ministry of Tourism and Miss Uganda offices at Rwenzori Courts.

Prime Minister Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda is expected to be the chief runner.

Minister Mutagamba called on the public to participate in this noble cause saying that wildlife benefits every Ugandan.

The proceeds from the marathon will help support young people who have since converted from poaching.

“We want to support them by providing alternative means of living and enable them earn some income. We shall identify suitable projects according to their different localities,” added the Minister.

While Mutagamba attributes the increasing poaching on poverty among communities surrounding game reserves, she said government has in the past committed 2.9bn to 11 communities around parks.

“20 percent of collections from national parks go back to the communities. The money is sent to the district which decides what is most beneficial to these communities. Some have opted for schools, health facilities, water and income generating projects.”

According to the Minister, last year, Uganda earned USD 1.36 Bn revenue from tourism but however noted this is very low especially compared to regional counterparts; Kenya and Tanzania.
South African telecoms giant MTN has cautioned shareholders on its securities after paying a staggering $250m to the Federal government of Nigeria as part of a $3.9-billion fine imposed on the telecom last year for failing to disconnect 5.1 million unregistered users.

“Shareholders are therefore advised to continue to exercise caution when dealing in the Company’s securities until a further announcement is made, viagra dosage ” MTN said in a statement on Thursday afternoon.

ChimpReports understands shareholders were advised on 22 January 2016 that the above-mentioned matter came up for hearing before the Federal High Court in Lagos, see Nigeria when the judge adjourned the matter to 18 March 2016 in order to enable the parties to try and settle the matter.

“Pursuant to the ongoing engagement with the Nigerian Authorities, cialis 40mg MTN Nigeria has today made an agreed without prejudice good faith payment of 50 Billion Naira (USD250 million) to the Federal Government of Nigeria on the basis that this will be applied towards a settlement, where one is eventually, hopefully arrived at,” said MTN.

In an effort to achieve an amicable settlement, the telecom promised to withdraw the matter from the Federal High Court in Lagos.

MTN continues to take a lion’s share of the market in Africa’s most populous country where it boasts of over 62.8 million subscribers.

The Nigerian government had imposed a $5.2-billion fine before trimming it to $3.9 billion following a plea from MTN.

Abuja took the action after failing to trace users of some sim-cards in the fight against the Boko Haram insurgency.

Phuthuma Nhleko in his capacity as Executive Chairman of MTN Group and a director of MTN Nigeria is leading the team engaging the Nigerian Authorities with a view to settling the matter.


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