New Youth Group Formed to Counter Mbabazi

The NRM youths accused opposition leaders and anti-corruption organizations including the Black Monday Movement for sheltering the same person [Mbabazi] they previously accused of corruption [Photos by Kenneth Kazibwe]

The cabinet has suspended the ban on plastic bags (kaveera), no rx see an outlaw that was set by the National Environmental Management Authority( NEMA) in April this year.

According to the Minister of Information and National Guidance, healing   Maj. Gen Jim Muhwezi, the Uganda cabinet has suspended the ban on kaveera and formed a committee  that consists of ministers of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives, Water and Environment, Finance, Planning and Economic Development, and Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries as well as National Environment Management Authority (NEMA), Uganda Manufacturers’ Association and Kampala City Traders Association (KACITA) to conclude the consultation process within six months.

The ban on Kaveera which was aimed at reducing environmental degradation has not lasted long enough to achieve its goal because of the controversy among stakeholders.

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According to a press Statement by Maj. Gen Jim Muhwezi, cabinet has also instructed Uganda Revenue Authority and Uganda National Bureau of Standards to  put in a lot of effort and stop the smuggling of plastics into the country

Cabinet has further asked all existing plastic manufacturers to establish plastic collection centers across the country and intensify the sensitization of the general public on plastic waste management. Plastic manufacturing industries have also been asked to code their plastic products for trace-ability of plastic waste generated by each industry.


A few days after coming out to declare his ambitions to stand for presidency in the forthcoming general elections, sildenafil a new  NRM youth group  has sprouted out to counteract  former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi.

The group named ‘Organizing For Action Vote for Museveni 2016’ hold that too much propaganda and lies have been peddled against President Museveni by youth under the NRM Poor Youth which according to the group is funded by deposed NRM Secretary General Amama Mbabazi.

“We  are a volunteer organization that intends to dispel all the propaganda against Museveni propounded by opportunistic and self-seeking individuals and groups such as NRM Poor Youth, viagra Jobless Brotherhood and other civil society organizations in the country,” said the group General Secretary Gerald Bagonza while addressing journalists in Kampala on Thursday afternoon.

Members of the Organizing For Action Vote for Museveni 2016

Members of the Organizing For Action Vote for Museveni 2016

“We realized the need to make youths aware and appreciative of the fundamental achievements of the NRM under President Museveni. We intend to mobilize and guide the misled youth who have been turned into tools of chaos especially in urban centers.”

The group highlighted a need for the country especially the youth to be availed with the political history of the country so as to be able to appreciate the achievements of the NRM regime in relation to the past.

Mbabazi attacked

The new group launched a scathing attack on former NRM Secretary General Amama Mbabazi whom they blamed for being behind all the corruption scandals in the country that have led to loss of huge sums of tax payers’ money and demanded an explanation from him.

“He should come out to explain the billions of money lost in the OPM scandal because he was the boss yet his subordinates were indicted for similar charges. There is no way they could have been part of the racket and their boss (Mbabazi) doesn’t know anything?,” Ezra Mugume the publicity secretary.

The youths were also disappointed that opposition and civil society organizations which were on Mbabazi’s case when he was mentioned in the scandals are the ones now welcoming him with open hands in their newly formulated coalition.

They went ahead to blame and anti corruption campaign the Black Monday Movement led by former Kampala Bishop Dr Zac Niringiye whom they accused of playing double standards, having widely condemned Mbabazi in the past years.

The youngsters want  Mbabazi tp explain among others the whereabouts of the  money meant for rehabilitation of Northern Uganda [under PRDP] which they say was swindled under his watch.

“You don’t have clean hands because the people of northern Uganda are still suffering .Why would you now come out to accuse President Museveni when you have failed to explain yourself on all scandals while still in office. ”

Asked on who is behind the group and why they chose to come out when Mbabazi has just announced his presidential ambitions, the group publicity secretary Ezra Mugume said, “We are a volunteer organization supporting President Musevenians we have been in operation for the last 3 months. We felt it is the right time to come out and dispel the propaganda going around against the President.”

“It’s not that we have come out after Mbabazi declared, we have realized it’s time for the public to know who we are. ”

However, the meeting turned rowdy when another group of youths led by a one Athur Mugenyi  said it was not in the interest of the party for the ‘Organizing for Action Vote for Museveni 2016’ to start canvasing for support for President Museveni.

There was an altercation when another group attacked them challenging their ideology

There was an altercation when another group attacked them challenging their ideology

“That is not democracy when you start fronting the so called Kyankwanzi resolution which was not agreed to by all the party members. There is need for all members to reach at a consensus and not like what was done in Kyankwanzi,”Mugenyi said.

According to Mugenyi’s group, the NRM party should not be led like a one man business adding that all members have to contribute to its ruling.



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