New Victoria University VC Promises Research Based Education

Dr Krishna N Sharma

The newly appointed Vice Chancellor of Victoria University, Dr Krishna N Sharma has promised to change the method of teaching by adopting a research, knowledge based education.

Having taught in over six African countries the last being Cameroon, Dr Sharma says that students should come out of university with not only a university degree paper but a lot of experience and knowledge like it should be.

Dr Sharma added that after university with the skills the students will have gotten, they will be able to have the knowledge and understanding to start their own businesses hence creating more job opportunities in the country.

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While addressing the student’s, management and secondary school students at the student’s expo last week Dr Sharma urged the secondary school students to always visit the University for Career Guidance.

“I encourage all the secondary school students to always visit us for career guide that way, they will make the best decisions for their futures”

Dr Sharma who has published over 200 publications in the medical field also revealed that the university has international collaborations for international internships.

“Just compare a person coming out of university with say a bachelor of computer science and you coming out of Victoria University with a degree, published research papers, knowledge, international internship and innovations,” he boasted.






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