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New Security Minister Tumukunde to Use Journalists, LCs for Intelligence

The new Minister for Security Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde has revealed that as part of his efforts to ensure a safe country in terms of security, order he will leave no stone unturned as far as getting intelligence information is concerned.

Speaking at the function to officially enter his new office in Kampala on Wednesday morning, and the former spymaster said government cannot give room to any wrong elements to disturb the security of the country.

“In many developed countries journalists are used as a source of information to intelligence and if they have not been used enough, I will be relying mostly on them,” Lt Gen Tumukunde revealed.

“The LCs and press should be relied on by government to get information. It was not a good thing removing Local Councils from doing the role of intelligence at their levels. These should be used to share intelligence information to government,” he added.

The comments are likely to attract sharp criticism from the media industry as journalists are required to remain non-partisan.

Professional values demand that journalists do not become agents of the state but write articles to inform, entertain and enlighten societies in which they operate.

Tumukunde addressing the media

Tumukunde addressing the media

The former spy master warned officials in public offices to stop laziness and dilly-darling in their offices but work for the benefit of the country.

“They cannot occupy public offices for leisure. They must stop the comfort in offices because the state cannot afford to be leisure. I will have to work on them.”

He warned: “While I was still in ISO, whenever I found you seated in office reading newspaper, I would send you to Katakwi for field work. We must take the president’s words seriously. We have to work.”

In her remarks, the outgoing minister  Mary Karooro  Okurut heaped praise on her successor describing him as seasoned soldier with experience  and knowledgeable  about security matters.


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