New Rubanda District Wants More Sub Counties

MP Henry MusasizI speaking at the at the launch of Nangara-Kashenyi-Nyamiyaga road commissioning

Leaders of the newly created Rubanda district are demanding the splitting of new sub counties from eight to twelve.

Jogo Kenneth Biryabarema the Rubanda District Chairman says that headquarters of some sub counties like Muko and Bubaare are hard to reach, diagnosis thus necessitating the creation of new sub counties.

Biryabarema says that as the district which is young, pharm they are faced with problems of some sub counties not getting services due to their size  like Bubaare and Muko. These he wants to be split into two.

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Biryabarema said this on Monday at the commissioning of the Nangara-Kashenyi-Nyamiyaga road at a function that was held at Hakicwamba village in Bubaare Sub County Rubanda district.

Henry Ariganyira   Musasizi the Rubanda  county East Member of Parliament  who also a Chairman of Presidential advisory committee on governance, said that Ministry for local government has recommended that all districts have right to gazette more sub counties in their respective districts for service delivery.

Musasizi said that the district council needs to   demand for creation of new sub counties as a way of extending services nearer to people and that the district council should earmark big sub counties and recommend them to parliament for approval.

Currently Rubanda district which was spit from Kabale from 1st July 2016 has eight sub counties that include Bubaare, Hamurwa, and Hamurwa town council, Nyamweru, Muko, Ikumba, Ruhija and Bufundi.


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