New Group Claims Kaweesi Murder: “We Used Sport Bikes”

SLAIN: AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi

A new extremist group which recently claimed responsibility for the cold blooded murder of AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi has come out again, purchase reasserting this claim and more.

The Uganda Patriotic Freedom Fighters (UPFF), sildenafil as they call themselves, cheap accused the Uganda Police Force for arresting the wrong people in the murder of Kaweesi, as well as in other murder cases that shook the country recently.

The group earlier in the week, issued a daunting a statement in which they claimed to have been behind the shooting of the police spokesperson on Friday March 17th.

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This they daubed as “Mission 920” and warned that more missions are lined up for execution, including  Missions 899, 900, 919, 921, 922, and 923.

The group spokesperson uses Facebook names Joseph Ssonko, and is based; it appears, in Stockholm in Sweden.

In their latest missive on Saturday afternoon, the group attacked the Inspector General of Police Gen Edward Kale Kayihura for “arresting innocent people for the murder of Kaweesi.”

They say the IGP “is desperate to prove to the public that everything is under control when in actual sense the police force went to dogs long time ago.”

They listed a number of cases in which the IGP purportedly “fabricated stories” and apprehended people for crimes they didn’t commit.

“It should be recalled that Kayihura faked witnesses to falsely accuse Dr. (Kizza) Besigye of leading (Rebel group People’s Redemption Army) but the boys embarrassed Kayihura and denied any link with Besigye. We managed to free some of the boys and they are with us in exile while others are rotting in Luzira,” said the group spokesperson.

These argued that most of the people who the IGP has arrested as murder suspects are in jail and yet the murders still continue.

“He (IGP) proved to the world that he arrested the right killers of Maj. Kiggundu but told mourners in Lwengo on Tuesday that Kiggundu killers assassinated Kaweesi! …Did the killers of Kiggundu assassinate Kaweesi from prison??”

Last week while commenting on the murder of AIGP Kaweesi, Kayihura affirmed that for all the high profile murders of especially Muslim leaders, the culprits had been arrested and are in jail, except for those who killed Senior State Prosecutor Joan Kagezi.

In the case for instance where Amir Sheikh Yunus Kamoga is charged together with 13 others for the killing of fellow Muslim leaders Sheikh Mustafa Bahiga and Ibrahim Kirya, police investigations deduced that the bullets used in the separate murders were from the same riffle.

At the Funeral of AIGP Kaweesi in Lwengo last Tuesday, IGP Kayihura confirmed to mourners that one of the suspects in the Friday murder was arrested while trying to cross into neighbouring DRC.

The Swedish based extremists however, challenged this narrative in their missive, and also questioned the images put out of the suspected killers.

We killed Kaweesi

UPFF in their statement today reaffirmed that they were behind the murder of Kaweesi and that they didn’t use ordinary bodaboda motorcycle as the public was told.

“We did not use cheap Bodaboda motorcycles; our motor bikes are very few in Uganda and can only be compared to sport bikes. To claim that we used Bodabodas is to suggest we’re not capable of executing such a high level mission,” the group claimed.

However, some of the eyewitness, some of who spoke directly to media, said the shooters came on bodaboda.

The witnesses say that these first pretended to repair their dead motorcycle as they waited for Kaweesi to leave his house.

Meanwhile UPFF pointed out as recently alleged in the news, that IGP Kayihura is a murder target, although he will not be the next one as they want him to first deal with other horrors.

When contacted on the group however; and whether or not the police are looking into or following the UPFF allegations, the Police Spokesperson Asan Kasingye seemed surprised, saying that he had never heard of the group’s name.


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