New ‘Fly’ Campaign to Empower Youths Against Tobacco Use

Ministry of Health's Dr. Sheilla Ndyanabangyi (R) who doubles as the National Focal Person for Tobacco control addressing a press briefing together with Amanda Kamugisa (L) the Fly campaign spokesperson

Ministry of Health in partnership with Good Business have launched a campaign dubbed ‘Fly’ in a bid to raise awareness about the dangers of tobacco use among young people in Uganda. The campaign will support the youth to pursue the things they are passionate about as well as sharing their positive stories to inspire others.

This way, physician they will resist temptation to engage in harmful habits such as consumption of tobacco products.

The ‘Fly’ campaign is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and is part of a broader program in other Africa and Asian countries. The USD 210 million project seeks to promote social change through building an empowered, resourceful and tobacco free generation.

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Amanda Kamugisa, the Fly spokesperson on behalf of Good Business told journalists on Monday that the campaign will reach out to young people though social and mainstream media as well as community outreaches to showcase their choices, skills and capacities.

“We shall get stories from young people and share them on our social media to influence others. The campaign will also hold on ground activations in different schools and communities across Uganda as a way of disseminating our information,” Kamugisa added.

Dr. Sheilla Ndyanabangi the National Focal Person for Tobacco Control in Uganda called the new campaign a better approach to sensitizing the public about tobacco use.

“Our approach is not going to be about ‘don’t do this’ but rather helping young  building their self esteem as well as realizing their talent. It has been proven that prohibiting youth from certain things instead makes them try them.”

According to Dr. Ndyanabangyi, tobacco use is escalating especially among young people (17%) due to the increasing sophistication of products such as shisha.

She argues that youth-focused programs need to adopt a social marketing model if they are to successfully appeal to young people.


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